Friday, February 29, 2008

wow. jane = very kepoh. lol.

i like it, having to work and completing my degree at the same time. making full use of my time. my brain cells. i like being kept bz. altho sometimes i wish i could be as carefree as before. but tat's gonna end soon so m thinking of not jst stopping at undergrad. but dad says go to government uni if i wanna further my studies. *grunting* after so many years of being in the private colleges n uni, i'm not exactly in favour of it. but oh well.. *sulking, trying not to be a spoilt kid*

i can't wait for my two babes to come back!! can't wait to see the dress of YOUR taste u bought for me!! yay!!! *shouting "CAN SOMEONE TURN THAT FREAKING FAX MACHINE OFF?? damn annoying* bloggin during working hours. teeheehee..

oooohh... cats whiskers on SALE.

cousin's wedding this weekend. FM's party nx weekend. jen's wedding the nx nx weekend. oh dear...

HIGHLIGHT : 10th - 16th. if u knw me well enuf, u knw why. :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

sat down thinking. there's this growin interest in putting a post up again.

so wad now? i guess...

i'm back!!