Friday, March 14, 2008

some ppl are jst so weird.

i received a text msg last night from an unknown number. while watching grey's anatomy.


"AlOoo2, whts up?"

i replied,

"Who's this pls?"

10 mins later, totally engross with izzie..


"I'm a mOnkey :) ... hehe... i knOw whO u. u wOrk at maju edar right? wht ur name?? cn i knOw?"


that msg made me look twice. im a MONKEY? wakakakakakakkakaa. damn stupid i tell u.

i replied, i can't resist not saying something sarcastic back okay....

"No I don't. I think u've got the wrong person, and I don't associate with animals. Bye"

15 mins later..


"Ok, sOry ha.. now, i still find my friend, BIGFOOT.. he said he use this numb. mm, its Ok.. i will try to find him..bye...sOry im disturb u."

wakakakakaka. i showed it to my sis. she oso gave this -_- look.

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