Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Anger Power

This is just purely based on my assumptions okay. I think, short people gets angry faster.

Look at the illustration that I so poor draw. The red arrow represents anger. As you can see, for taller people, the anger needs to "travel" longer. So by the time they reach the head, they'll cool down. No so much for shorter people. That why there a saying called "short fius". The anger travels fast and in such a short "journey" it explode!!!

Tsk tsk. Never date a short person. Like me. Don't laugh. Most of my friends who are roughly around my height, hav anger management problem. Sure, we're fine and all hapy with our friends. But with our boys or family members. huh. Lets not go there.

So much so that the boy, who is in Thailand at the mo, called me at 12 bloody a.m., asking me what i want from there. Like WTF wei.. ppl happily sleeping, and god knows wat shop is he standing in front of. So okay, i said "anything la, anything, dont hav to get me anything also can!" he pulak over the other side, "no, no... tell me what you want la. i wan to buy for you sumthing" me going "anything ANYTHING LA!" ........
it went on for another 20secs until he says "faster la! the shop closing already!" me getting pissy (damnit, i already said no need right) then out of the blue he said "i get for you boxing gloves k?" let me explain again, i was already half way into dreamland. so it didnt really occur to me what he said. so i said "ya ya.. anything la!" he chuckled and hung up.
so this morning, i texted him. coz i remember something bout boxing and gloves. i asked "what u bought for me? boxing gloves ar?" he texted back, "yeah, and boxing shorts to match"
O_o. wtf?
i replied "really ar? so i wasn't dreaming.. damnit. are you serious?" he said "really. coz you like to fight so much. so i buy for you la" so i said "ok, u dont regret. u'll be my punching bag"
grrr... if he really gets me that stupid boxing gloves. AND shorts. i'll post up the pictures k. and me punching him.


Huei said...

hahhaha wut's ur height?

i'm 166cm n have extreamly BADDDDD temper..really really bad! hehehh bad is an understatement for my temper! =P

lynnz said...

umm.. i'm only 154cm. heh heh. it's just an assumption. mayb girls are generally bad tempered. *grins* that's jst too bad for the boys la rite?

Lynn said...

And I'm 150cm!
T_T the angry people.