Friday, April 25, 2008

the boy's work is all bout cars, organize car shows, was in a car club committee. and guess wad. even up til now, i know NOTHING bout cars.

reminizing my 1st car.. *looked thoughtful for a moment* that beat up old charade. red courrerr sumore! friends used to snap pics when i'm driving. i mean, as in while i'm driving they'll go "ok ok go slow go slow!! lets take a pic.. one.. two.. three!! SMILE!!" *ceqchak!*

but that stupid charade.... caused me so much trouble. break down here break down there. window cannot go up. the drawer cannot close. lights not working. no 'minyak hitam', no water. no battery. the classic that draws many frenz to 'test drive' my car is when they found out my gear, doesn't works like a gear. like for example, BTW, I DRIVES ONLY MANUAL CAR. HUH!! *damn lan ci*

ok ok, back to the gear, press clutch, 'masuk' 1st gear, then accelerates. in any normal cars, the gear stays like that. so that you KNOW that it's in 1st gear. mine don't. my gear behave on it's mind of it's own. it behaves like a free gear. so friends (guys especially) they loveeee.. *i dont knw whyyyy* to 'test drive' my car. they go "eh eh.. now which gear?" "ehhh. look! look!! free gear!!" "LOOK! buahwwakhahaha!!!" then when they are done with the car, they comes out from it, and have that lan ci look that says "i so keng! i can drive ur car. no problem"

errr.. yeah sure, i've been driving it, haven't i?

i'm driving a different car now. doesn't gives me much problem. altho, uptil now, i still don't knw where the hell is the 'minyak hitam' is.

anywayyyyy.. i wan this car. i fell in love with it, when i sat adam's bmw. i wannnnnnnnnttttttt!! it's in the video HERE. it's fast! it's quiet. u go from 50km/hr to 200km/hr jst like that *snap finger* it's an awesome awesome car. i loveeee..

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