Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cleo 50 Most Eligible Bachelor

hmmm... hmmm.....

some are hot. some are geeky. some are not. some make me go "wtf.. eee.. tak tau malu"

apparently, on April's Fool day, JJ and Rudy was fooled. konon they are in the top 50. and they say, girls are vain. *smirk*

i think they used kenny sia to promote their cleo bachelor event thingy. easy peasy, use celebrity, and their marketing is done by 50%.

the online results shows different from the actually results. i thort mayb this ebi guy would win. but.... brian lau won. yeah, i was from metro before, so he was labelled as Mr Hot Stuff. he's taken. but still can look rightttt... ?? eye candy. even when me and my girls, when we say mr hot stuff, *light bulb switch on* message sent accross. we all knw who we're talking about.
good that he wins. but... somehow, i wish other guys wins instead. why??? coz these guys. like brian or kenny or another fren of mine, arthur, they are either good looking or popular. easy to mingle. they hav this charisma that makes ppl likes 'em almost immediately. i rather hav, some guy, who's coming-out-from-the-shell to win. so they are able to experience something new.
and no, i wouldnt want my boy to compete in something likedat. unless i get the prize he gets the fame. but hell NO. i'm not that much of a saint.
p/s: the boy hardly reads my blog. that's why i can blog bout other boys.

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