Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dear God,

Hi. I don't know whr to begin. Or how to start.

I knw I haven't be a regular in church. I havent been reading Your Word for a while now. But I hope You hear my silent prayer. My silent request. And I hope I am able to finish this without crying too hard. Could You please jst fix this little mess in my life God? You know what it is all about.

I jst need a little help right now. I not sure if I am able to stand firm. I fear the breakdown is near. A little help will do. Thank you very much God. The heavy load is getting heavier day by day. I want to be strong but it's getting too hard. The take-a-deep-breath remedy helps a lot. I don't want to lash out at those who depend on me. I don't want them to feel any pain anymore. I wish I could take all the blame, the fault, the pain. All of it. Jst so they don't have to go thru it. I hurt more when they are hurt. Please show me a way to get thru this.

I long to have those days again. I do knw too, it's never gonna be the same. But yet at the same time, I am thankful for the other blessings You have given me. I really am.

Please draw some light to me dear God. I think I need it now. Badly.

Thank You dear God. One told me before, why worry over something you can't have control over? Leave it to God. I guess I might jst need to do that. Thank You again. For listening.

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