Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i hate putting a title. coz title makes my blog post no sense.


a lady called me, bla bla bla bla... comes .."the reason i call is .. bla bla .... True Fittness.. " *light blub switched on* so, i let her talk.. coz it's not nice to tell ppl off, let them do their job. so she continue on... 1 min pass... 2 min... 3 min... still haven't finish. "... foot massage... spa... etc etc.." let her book a time for me etc etc.. then when she's done with her job, i said okay thank you. "..if you wan to bring more frenz jst gimme a call to let me knw in advance ok?" "..ya ok, no problem, thanks, bye" hang up. save that number as Z. a reminder not to answer any of that sort of number tmrw.

ooooohh.. i gotta admit. i'm a blog stalker. i stalk blogs.

i stalk good looking girls with blogs.

i dunno why. i just love reading em. everyday. sometimes, when im bored, i click on their page, 3 times a day.

why am i like tat?

*shrugs* I DON'T CARE. *grins*

i reads,
- setupiak,
- kenny sia (ya, he's not a girl, but he's funny),
- kinkybluefairy,
- kimfluttersby,
- spot-in-space,
- poolerbuoy (emo, emo),
- not so little girl,
- nastyv8mp,
- rach,
- kimmy,
- london babe,
- tz33n,
- angelic jane,
- mom3nto,
and more more...

c? c?

*points a finger at you* i told you, i stalks.

hmmm... a company called me to go for an interview today. im not sure if i should go. what if its a fraud? and i knw i already hav a job. but but...

i wanna experience those heart-wrenching-scary-goosebumps-cannot sleep-cannot eat-can die sort of interview. i knw i've been lucky enuf coz i didnt hav to get thru all those nonsenscial trauma. so waddaya think??


Marianne said...

they called me so many times -__- .. then today i decided not to be polite and just said, "you called damn a lot of times already" then hung up. hoho

haha i stalk more than u weh ...

u read kimong too!! .. so sweet right the proposal? .. how come some girls so lucky one .. somemore she our age only .. sigh.

Marianne said...

oh, u said good looking girls then quoted setupiak .. *perasan* hahahha

Kim Ong said...

thanks for reading my blog... :) hehe... *blush* xoxo

lynnz said...

marianne: haha, when u got it, flaunt it! yeah i knw!! kim ong is actually from metro coll, she was quite popular then too, we must educate our boys to b like her now fiance. *dreams*

kim ong: eh? how u knw that i read ur blog? or mayb some system that detects when one is being linked to? *blur*blur*

OSH G said...

oooh. i made it into your 'good looking girls' list. *blush*
babe, your blogging style has changed. and keep those entries coming! :)

lynnz said...

oshg: babe!! i cant cant cant wait for u to get ur booty ass back back again!! n the cupcakes as promised! *grins*

thank u thank u. will update it often now, s i'm kidnap and hooked into the blogging world. *happy smile*

Anonymous said...

Hmm that's amazing but honestly i have a hard time visualizing it... wonder what others have to say..