Monday, April 21, 2008

moving on...

everyday, i'll log into different online boutiques just to feed my shopping hunger. even if i didnt have "sufficient" funds, i love looking at fabulous clothes. which is... actually bad, coz it makes me wanna shop all more! i think online boutiques are worst than shopping malls, coz i'm usually very very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyy lazy to get out in the sun, on the weekends, jst to get stuck in the jam, reach the mall, spend another 20mins of stalking-ppl-for carpark, get into the mall, get jst an item or two, then get the hell out of there jst to get stuck again in the jam on the way home!! bleahhh...

while viewing clothes on online boutiques, we can scroll up n down, then up again, click, look closely to the screen, still not happy, click again, scroll down.... skip to another site, go back again, click, click, look closer, ahhh... ok satisfy.. even the clothes are cheaper.. and the best thing! especially those who works in office. like ME! can quickly quickly switch the page to a blank word document and start type some nonsenscial words, like "..... the business development liquidity is seemed to increase as the price of... " then the moment boss walks away CLICK! back to online shopping.

BUT!!! sometimes when i purchased the items already, the material not as nice as wat i expected but still... my itchy fingers.. oh well, wad to do, working life, cannot simply take off days, :(

anyho.. these are some clothes that i likey! from all over the online sites.

Corset Love - va va voom! damn kinky! very french maid like. definitely heads turning.

Off Shoulder Killers – walking around looking like a sweet lil innocent babe. When ur totally not. HAH!

Disco Diva – bling bling!! But then.. once u get that, everyone else would knw whr u got it. Those that shops online. *grins*

Weeeeeee!!! This is jst uploaded.. see what I mean when I browse the website often? If only thr's a site whr I could get ALL fabulous clothes in one site.
Cable Knit Wrap Cardi – looks damn comfy weii.. berry glam. Those with the now-short-hair can dress this n look like posh becks! :)

Quilted Oversized Tote [A0146] – pink caorerr!! PINK!

Opaque Tights – I WANTTTTTTTTTT!!! *screams* so many colours. Black, fluorescent blue, grey, pink! But do I dare? Hmmm..?

Sigh.. oh damnn, boss is back.. gotta get back to work… *grumble* *grumble*

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