Thursday, April 24, 2008

the saying "action speaks louder than words" hmmm?

lets implement that on blogs.

*typing furiously*

*click click* *copy* *paste*

Where Shopaholics come together to view, try the clothes and go crazy!
Date: Thursday, 1 May '08
Time: 11AM - 3PM
Venue: Lunch Actually Office, L-3-7, Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

*dance, okay, move gleefully in not-so-comfy-office chair* :)

okay, it's doesnt really work on blogs. coz words are more powerful in the blogging world. duhh...

when i'm in the mood of having-nothing-better-to-do, i usually torture the boy.

like when... *aiyak, ok, my stomach is cooking up some storm, better getting this done fast*

ok i come back later. stomach misbehaving. cannot tahan.

*15 mins later*

BACK!!! u knw... usually when ur stuck in uncomfortable situations, like having to do the 2nd business, in office/ college/ meetings/ frenz hse, wad do u do then? i'll tell u what i do. i'll on the tap, let the water runs (before that, making sure the pail is empty), so that ppl can't hear the "ploop, ploop" sound. i mean, i knw no one is gonna stand outside the toilet door jst to listen to ur shit dropping down the toilet bowl, but...... it's jst a self conscious thing.

one friend taught me another method, flush first, the faster faster do that 2nd business of yours, then flush again, and ur done! coz when the bowl is filling up, cannot hear the "natural sounds". lol!! mayb her toiletbowl is an old one. that's why so noisy.

u think my post is disgusting. try reading this Jolene Lai Lai Si.

anyway. back to my earlier story..

like when... the boy n i, jalan-jalan in shopping malls, like at subway the other day, i became mute. like jst using signals, lots LOTS of hand movements, dramatic actions, n no sound at all. even when i'm about to burst out laughing.

so, we went to subway, i decided not to talk. he ask "wad u want to eat?" i shrugged. *points back at him* he said "i wanna eat subway hotdog (i forgot which one)" as we're approaching the ordering line. i saw, soup-of-the-day *eyes litted up! yummy!! i likey mushroom soup!!" *points at the menu* but the menu stated, "Ask the soup-of-the-day"

the boy pretends he didnt see. so i pull his shirt, pointing at the menu furiously. the waitress looked amused, thinking mayb i am really mute. she waited patiently. the line way growing behind us. so the boy ask, what is the soup of the day? the waitress said "mushroom soup" looks at me. i nodded many many times. indicating i want the soup. then comes the part whr, the boy hav to choose the type of bread, the filling n the sauce. he's looking up the menu. it's on the wall. the waitress looking at me. she pointed basils, onions, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and a whole lot more of stuff-that-i-don-eat-and-don-knw. i made the circling motion. meaning to say "ya, i want all"

*watched as she put it all on the bread, boy didnt realise, me knwingly that he dont like certain stuff* then the boy looks at his bread. *i cannot tahan, both hands on my mouth, keeping me from bursting out of laughter" the waitress looks at us funny. the boy goes "waaa.d...?? no no, i dont want onions, i dont want tomatoes." i think i was quite dramatic coz ppl start looking. waving my hands here n there. but well..... Malaysians are generally kepoh. of course they'll look.

sighh.. wad a happy day.


Jayelle said...

hahaha i like the way you blog. very funny!

ur damn cute to your boyfriend:D Surprisingly no one started stoning you for keeping the line so long! hahaha

lynnz said...

Jayelle: wahh.. u read my blog! *proud* sumore ur blog so popular. :)
cute? er.. mayb after that episode la. i'm usually a monster to him.

Marianne said...

you link to her blog, of course she come and read your blog to see who the hell links to her lau sai entry la.. hahha :P

kawan, good to see you happy again. and your happy entry has made me happy too! was kinda emo, but after reading this entry (even with the shit and all -__-), couldn't help smiling.

lynnz said...

marianne: oh!! *smacks head* bodohnyer i..

i'm glad i made u smile. thank u for being thr. for being concern. for being a friend. *smiles*

Jayelle said...

lol eh, marianne, make me shy only u say like that. :)

no, i'm serious, i'll be back for more! keep it up;D