Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sevendays *heart*

i heart bangsar.

i heart heart shopping.
Gossips. too many boutiques. spoilt by having too many choices.

in the end, i choose this bag.
i heart bag.

april said i shouldn't bluff her heart (bzness fault). so off we went to bangsar. the whole point was to go and grab something from sevendays.

and now. thanks to her. I HEART HEART HEART SEVENDAYS.

*puts up 3 fingers* i pledge, to go bangsar EVERY WEEKEND. must must must. if not, i'll lose out on those 1 piece-only-fabulous-clothes. what more, the material of the cloth, is purrrrrrrfect! even kinkyjoyce wrote bout it.

PLUS, the owner, Roxy. she's so nice you'll jst wanna keep buying her clothes!

Here's a preview of her clothes. *Click* and join in Facebook.

i love their high waist dress. their party dress. haiz. everything la!

osh, if only i hav your luxury of staying in the U.K. *green moster*

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