Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beach. Whr are you?

i had my 2 hour plus plus break. the boy was doing his work, and me lying on couch/bed just enjoying the breeze on the 19th floor. that day just happen to hav this wonderful wind non stop blowing into my face. i dont even need to switch on the fan. open the sliding door, and enjoy the breeze. took the pillows, just lying thr, looking out unto the scenery... so peaceful. birds chirping by. no hot blazing sun. just that amazing breeze.

enjoyed it so much til i fell asleep. i thort i was at the beach. yes, that kind of wind. the holiday mood wind. that's how much i need the beach.

anyway, back to reality *smack smack*

shoppaholic unite is having their party this weekend!!!

Party Time! Plenty of party parties to attend this weekend we know, even we are excited so we're slot one more session in for our regularly scheduled party time!

Where: Plaza Damas, Sri HartamasL-3-7, Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala LumpurClick here for map

When: Sunday, 1 June 2008Time: 11AM - 3PM

Currency: Cash only(quite fortunately for the out of controllers!)

Should I RSVP? : nah! come with your entire family, we don't care! (SMS Leng @ 012-6018795, call if you need directions)

Party? What do you mean party? Well, in case you haven't noticed, Shopaholics Unite! is not a boutique, so if you're not keen on online shopping and you prefer to try on your clothes before buying them, then party days are the only time we are open for walk in business. Look out for regular updates on party dates and put it down on your calendar!

Time and Place: Our Show Pink's Fashionista's Junkyard will be held on 31 May SAT and 1 Jun SUN from 1pm-7pm
Location: Bombshell Boutique Salon
Street: 9-2 Jln Telawi 2 Bangsar
Contact Info
Phone: 0322822280
Email: showpinkshowpink

What else to expect besides cheap cheap stuff?? basically, anything, everything!


Date : 31 May + 1 June 2008

Venue : Jeumpa D'ramo, 102 - 104 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar

Time : 3pm till lateBijou Bazaar @ Jeumpa D’ramo is back! Bigger! Crazier!

Featuring upcoming independent designers, e-boutiques, rookie crafters, xxx-treme crafters, 80s vintage, secondhand clothing, little knick knacks and of course, food + beverage so that you don't have to drive out for ‘makan’.

Bijou Bazaar @ Jeumpa D'ramo caters to all. It's true! Our traders cater for petite + plus size women, men and even them tiny tots!

Again, we do accept them shiny plastics (read: credit cards). Come enjoy our mixture of poolside fun at Jeumpa D’ramo from 3 pm till late!

+ CompactDJ: checked

+ PS2: checked (2 sets)

+ Inflatable Baby Pool: checked

+ Electric Piano: checked

+ Water Guns: need to get hotel owner's permission

Watch this space! :o) Saturday Acoustic Set31 May 2008 3 pm

+ Oh Chentaku

+ Sorry

Sunday Salsa Session1 June 2008 time tbcJaxen from Rhythm Identity will be conduction a salsa session, all are welcomed to learn to salsa!

Monday, May 26, 2008


everyone needs a little extra cash now and then... these are some of what i search and came up with...

1- Selling Unwanted Magazines, Books and Other Supplies

bet you hav lots of those.

2- Speaking and Lecturing Engagements

if you love talking

3- Run Classes

mayb tiring but the money is definitely better

4- Ebay

easy peasy

5- Hold a yard or garage sale

organize one, make friends, make money!

6- Collect scrap metal and resell this metal to the scrap metal dealers in your town or area

7- Collect pop bottles and cans for recycling

save the environment!!

8- Donate your blood for money

save lifes but please fulfill the requirement 1st.

9- Put clothes on consignment

ur never worn clothes or still-perfect condition clothes.

10- Have a bake sale.

yummy!!!! *think cupcakes & cakes!!*

11- Babysit

some kids ARE adorable ok.

12- Rent out a room

if you have an empty room, make full use of the space then!


13- Teach art classes, either privately or at a local craft store

14- Sell your work at craft shows

15- Sell your work in a gallery

16- Design pieces on commission

17- Design and submit projects for publication in books and magazines

18- Enter your work in contests with cash prizes

19- Do graphic design work, freelance

20- Paint business windows for the holidays


21- Get work as a freelance newspaper photographer

22- Sell your photos to magazines

23- Do wedding and event photography/videography

24- Teach photography/videography classes

25- Turn your images into cards, and sell them


26- Umpire/referee.

27- Coach

28- Become a personal trainer

29- Become a fishing guide, hiking guide or river guide

30- Teach others your sport

Animal Lovers

31- Walk dogs

32- Pet sit

33- Offer grooming services


34- Give private lessons

35- Perform at restaurants, weddings, bar mitzvahs and other events


36- Teach cooking classes

37- Sell your foods at farmer's markets and craft shows

38- Cater

39- Take orders for birthday cakes


40- Sign up for hotel and resort.

41- Sell your travel articles and photos to magazines


42- Repair computers

43- Build and sell computers

44- Become a computer consultant

45- Design websites


46- Hire yourself out as a gardener/ landscaper

47- Divide and sell plants from your garden

48- Sell the extra fruits and vegetables from your harvest

49- Sell seeds from your best plants

50- Can foods from your garden, and sell them at the farmer's market


51- Start a blog

52- Sell articles online or to magazines

53- Enter writing contests with cash prizes

54- Write advertising copy for local businesses

55- Produce and sell an e-book


come to think about it, when a person is rich. popular. a celebrity. have a certain weird fetish or hobby, everyone would say he/she is unique. having a tasteful sense of things to do.

but when one is a nerd looking fella. ugly. alone. doin the same.. what else? he downright weird. and so-lets-stay-away.

eventho if the two same person is having the same type of fetish/hobby.

anyway... if you have been reading zerotohundred, u'll knw about this. and usually only BOYS does, leaving us poor girls unknown to this weird weird umm.. "fact".

a guy admits to having sex WITH the cars.

read WITH not IN the cars. doesnt make sense right?

Edward Smith, 57, of Washington State freaking admits it.

he said "When I turned 13 and the famous Corvette Stingray came about, that car was pure sex and just an incredible machine. I wanted it. I didn't fully understand it myself except that I know I'm not hurting anyone and I do not intend to."

yeah, sure. it's just a damn disturbing thing. he went on to say "There are moments way out in the middle of nowhere when I see a little car parked and I swear it needs loving. There have been certain cars that attracted me and I would wait until night time, creep up to them and just hug and kiss them."

ugh... yuck yuck yuck!

in the end, claiming he's not gay, yet not interested in woman as well. tell me, what does that make him?

you can read more bout that at zerotohundred. now go. i knw you kepoh ppl will. i'll leave you at that.


Sunday, May 25, 2008


after some kind of reflective moment, i realise something. i need SOMETHING to refocus. i admit, i'm very materialistic. tell me who isn't these days? so i googled houses. bathrooms, mini bar!, walk in closet!, bedrooms, kitchen.

it's like im playing the Sims again. so i thought, RE-FOCUS. instead of keep buying these small items e.g. clothes, shoes, bags... i'm gonna shift to buying the BIG ITEMS. buttt... these big items can't be bought within a short time period. :(

guess wad i did? my desktop picture now is....


so nice.... i love...
sometimes i'll take a drive.. to shah alam, to tropicana, or damansara, just to look at these beautiful houses. re-energized while driving home.
so now, instead of having to drive around, i'll have my desktop background filled with these beaauuutiful pictures to remind me of what i want.

Am I Seeing Things?

it's 5.18 a.m. now. something i hardly gets to do these days. still awake in front of the computer.

but waiit....

my bro has a blog! something he just recently created just coz he learned some IT stuff in college. so i kepoh of course! went and check it out..

guess wad weird? he has like 17 comments, 11 comments, or the very least 7 comments... O_o

i hav the most like, wat? 6 comments????

*why my friends don let comments one!??!*


ok fine.

then i went back to my page. scroll down.... scroll up.. then stop. just as i was about to click to another page.... i thought i saw the wrap-head lady icon on the top right of my header BLINKED! it freaking did! or at least i thought it did. so i waited... wait for it to blink again... cannot be.. the picture was in jpeg form when i saved it. not some flash document or something.

i'm such a scardy cat, that sometimes, at night, when i HAVE to go to the toilet, i'll walk like normal to the toilet, *it's outside across my room* on the lights, pee, on the tap water, wash hands, splash here and there... then when i'm done.. i switch off the lights, then RUN into my room, don't want to look left or right and quickly shut the door.

or when im alone watching tv downstairs, on loud loud. switch on both the halls in front and at the back's lights, then when it's time to go upstairs, off everything. walk to the stairs, walk slowly, then halfway... RUN to the room. close the door, my sis will be looking at me funny. "why u look like that che?" i'll say "no no, nothing. exercise..."

*shit! see? i got scared again. bloody hell, i heard the toilet light switched on, rupanya it's my brother going into the toilet.*

it's not funny okay.

sometimes the dogs outside howl like they are werewolfs. *identity crisis* then i gets scared. and i'll look at the clock, phewwww... it's not 3a.m. or 12a.m. y? you knw.... emily rose? the 3 a.m. thing..

freaky. time to get some sleep i guess. O_o

Friday, May 23, 2008

For you, Osh

also, for every other bimbo out there. *smiles*

hey giam, remember you asked me to where to find dresses that could actually fit u? here it is!

i dont quite knw what's your taste is like. so i'll go according to mine. heh heh.
i like the sea blue bubble dress on the left, cute! a boutique called mooie. *click*
im not sure bout this two. but it sure look chic enuf! from sewnsoul *click*
i hope it holds on to my boobies. i hate to keep pulling it up in public. *click*
i can't help it. BIKINI!!!! *click*

and shoes of course. it's a lil pricy but it's sure waaaayy much cheaper compared to london's stuff. im not too sure bout the quality babe, havent been there before, so far the celebrities* raves bout this brand. *click*
* Malaysian celebrities. so don't get all excited just yet.
oh heck it, i'll just bring you over to bangsar. clothes for the high end users and low end as well. take your pick. and if your feeling generous enough, feel free to splurge on me too!
not enuf? i'll bring you somewhere else too! you'll be totally worn out by the end of the day. and after i drop you home, u'll be thanking me with ur life! (too much, i knw, for dramatic effect) lol.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

it's not fair!!

i KNEW i shouldnt have click on yahoo.

and now i KNOW. archuleta lost to cook. DAMNIT.

i was rooting for archuleta ok! oh that innocent boyish look.... *swoon*

that gimmick i-feel-so-touch-by-the-song-i-sang-so-i-cried cook must hav got those votes in. sure he's hot. his second song last night made him look a little like daughtry. and imma big big fan for chris! *double swoon*

but i felt archuleta was more of the "pop" singer where chances are he'll stay popular unlike fantasia, or taylor hicks *whr has he gone to??* but cook?? yeah i agree he could really sing for different types of genre, but still.... oh well, next time must check out bartenders. cook was a bartender before and now where he is?!

but still............

here. go ogle the pictures.

David A.

David C.

NO! i dont knw why archuleta's pic is larger. wasn't on purpose i promised!

look! arent they looking so scute here!
oh. why am i being that high school girl again. :s

Procastination vs Motivation

everyone seems to be goin on a short trip of pure leisure.

*click* *click* *click*

that's me clicking on the blogs i stalk. and LOOK at the pictures! oh bloody omagy tempting! when when when's my turn?

i was telling my friend the other day, ohhh! just imagine! lets just imagine.. can u feel the breeze? the ocean breeze? can u smell the salty air? hmmm!!! *car honked* cheh.. so much for trying to imagine.

i wanna just wake up, and laze around by the beach. floating in the pool. *coz i can't swim* walking around in beach sandals, read a book by the beach accompanied by the sound of the waves, when's it too hot, run back to the air cond rooms, sleep again. wake up.. same routine. i could do this forever!

look at the freaking pool!
top of my list... just reading a no-brainer book, relaxing... i need it. READ NEED. not WANT.


would you call it a motivation? or just pure procastination? that i'll go, run off to some beach, take time off, thinking and convincing myself that once i get back, i'll be fresh and alive to get back on track? or it's just an excuse to not do anything at all, go off to a far far land, party all night long without dreading to wake up the next day, only to come back to the city, feeling like a retard, coz i'm gonna miss the breeze for the next couple of days?

i need someone to come and whack me in the head. n tell me to get back to work.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


mayb it's time of the month. mayb it's just me.

i get annoyed at every single damn bloody omagy thing. easily ticked off. furiously thinking of shooting that nut with my be be* gun. going to my clerks face and giving a tight slap coz her depressing music is making me more depressed.

wishing life was waaaaaayyyyyyy back easier when there were so little responsibilities. going green at the things i dont get to have or to do. i want MORE DAYS for weekends! felt like buying the damn plastic pool and put it in my room, fill it with water and stay in it for hours, WITH the air cond on. the weather is so bloody hot i feel like shooting the birds. y? coz they poop so much. and hot weather makes their poop sticks even worst on my car. yes, my brother cleans the car, but heck, i hate those birds.

i give the boy a hard time when he made me wait. especially when he made me wait. even for 5 mins. im pissed off at pissing! the infection came back again and i had to go to sunway hospital instead. which means drinking more water. and pissing more. i visit the toilet like its my favourite place to be. that bloody costly antibiotics better work!

some people are so annoying online that i rather go offline and re-read my blog. i want to give that person a piece of my mind and not feel bad about it later on. i want LONGER DAYS. where i could have enough time of Sleeping.. of watching one tree hill... of doing my oh-so-auntie-cross-stitch... of reading my books that's looking back at me so pitifully.

yes, i think it's time of the month again. because i demand the irrelevant things. just coz it looks relevant to me.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

What is a good title?

i see many bloggers having difficulties on getting traffic to their blogs.

some advised to hav good title... or good content. but what's a good title? something catchy. to that bloggers will nang it when it catches their attention. yeah sure.... :s

i dont think so. more like titles contains the word SEX, or something extravagant. no wait... i think the word SEX or anything relate to it, like BRA, or BREAST catches readers. *rolled eyes* so many ham sap ppl.. tsk tsk. even like Kenny Sia's blog, apart from being funny, his very first few post in, has gotta do with sex. eg. condom.

and good content? some with really bad english, still can hav tonnes of ppl reading and following their blogs. why? no i hav no idea at all.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ovum Donor for RM3500!!!

i find it hard to believe. i received this twice already from a known talent agency.

take a look...

They are looking for non-virgin, and non Muslim young ladies, 18-29 years old, to become an egg (ovum) donor.

look how they specify NON virgin, and NON Muslim.

You will get RM 3500 + FREE medical check up.

"It’s SAFE and EASY. It’s done by well known clinics in Damansara, KL and Johor. As we all know, ladies eggs are produced and dropped every month, so it's better to donate and give hope and joy to the loving couples. USA and UK guidelines are strictly followed by the clinics - you can donate many times and still can get pregnant after that."


  1. 30 minutes consultation with doctor
  2. Sign agreement form and safety form to protect your interest.
  3. Medical check up (it’s free) to know your health condition. Will get report in few days time.
  4. If your health condition is acceptable, your profile will be shown to childless couples.
  5. If you are selected (normally you will be selected not more than three month). Doctor will give you medication (very very small injections) to be taken at home everyday for about 10-15 days.
  6. Medicines are taken to make your eggs become many and healthy. No harm.
  7. Discuss when to transfer eggs.
  8. Will get cash immediately after the eggs have been taken. No operation/surgery and no pain. Doctor only sucks from your vagina using very small and long tube. No side effect.

Want their number?

RM3500! i wonder....

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Games to play when your bored.

was bored in the office. click click. found this few games. hee hee...

Death Row
Help the innocent to prove that he isn't guilty!

Sniper Escape Game
try to escape the room by finding clues...

Bad Reception Game
another room to get out from..

The Stupid Test 4

it may be silly. but sure kills time. *grins grins*

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

You've gotta watch this!! Michael Jackson

buawahahaha. i think if it wasn't the typical fat punjab, it wouldnt be as funny.

Monday, May 12, 2008

My Stupid Bladder

yes. u heard me. my bladder.

i just woke up the next morning and found pee-ing is a torture.

1st, it feels weird. so i thought i didnt hav enough of water. weather also so hot. so i gulp down a whole bottle of water. 1.5liter one ok! coz i didnt wanna go thru the i-feel-like-peeing-but-cannot-pee process.

ok so, next round in the toilet. pee. Wah... still like that. hey, u knw ur pee is different when it is. i mean, u are the only one who smells* and look at ur pee every day right?

*not as in purposely lean towards the bowl n smell lah ok! u get my drift...

then AT NITE, pure torture wei.. i wanted to stop drinking water. coz the pain is so great, im damn freaking-shit scared of going to the toilet. told mum, she said mayb got stones.. just drink more water.. tmrw sure ok one. if not tmrw we go see doc.

damnit. it was only 11.50pm, i wanted to go look for the doctor's hse ady. so i took 2 penadol. um.. i hav this believe that penadol works for ANY DAMN pain ok. like stomach pain, take penadol, period pain, take penadol, bladder pain, penadol, headache, penadol, flu, penadol. the list goes on....

so, it worked like 2 hours. i'm pain free! can jump jump, go online.. then slept off for a while. only to wake up at 5.30 bloody am. pain pain again! go online. read every remedy they hav. i found out it is called UTI - urinary tract infection. *wahh.. can become doctor d* they say take cranberry juice. but supermarkets only opens at 10plus a.m. i stare at the clock. willing it to go faster. read on... vitamin C is good. *jumps of the chairs, rush downstairs, open fridge* ORANGE!! cut 2 biji. i mean, who the hell eats orange at 5ish in the morning? people in pain does that. then i remember my mum alwis ask me to take the supplements, *reads the label* ooohhhh! got vitamin C. swallow one.

took another penadol. slept again, woke up feeling the need to pee again *oh no!!* pain pain pain... i mean the pain is not just when u pee. even when ur NOT peeing, the pain lingers in ur bladder. like u can feel ur bladder is damnnnnn raw. so i went and pee, only to find my pee is bloody-omagy orange!! scary weii... before that is clear like mineral water only.

so the clock strikes 9am. YAY! time to go see doc. reach thr.. doc ask to pee in the container. *my 1st time ok, so i thort oh fuck. how to aim?* go toilet. pee, aim, shoot! only to find, my updated pee is also bloody. YA. i knw damn disgusting rite. nobody ask to u keep reading.

anyway, doc said it's quite bad. so doc gave me all this medication, urine cleaner la, crystal disolve la, pain killer, antibiotics. costed RM80 bux weii.. *heart pain pain*

go home, ate medicine, sleep, woke up FEVER. kantoi.... thort need to go hospital d. sleep again. wake up. fever gone! yay! bathe get ready, then went for metro's auto fiesta. when everybody ask why so good bring homemade bali drink... i just said im sick. weii.. how to tell ppl over the food im having bladder problems rite?

lesson learn. always drink lots of water to prevent this shit.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stickers Fetish!

never have i thought i would get addicted to purchase stickers.

i used to. and now, i do again. no thanks to the Sticker Monster -_-

well done, sharyl.

not only do i purchased 1, but 7!!! damnit. *crying in pain*

but when i receive my stickers today i-ma-so-bloody omagy-happy!! *jumps around with the letter* havent even open already so happy.

picture time! pictures!

*bling bling*
i knw. it's not xmas yet. but the santa is damn cute.

*pop up stickers*

ok, my pics aren't that nice. camera phone not canggih enough.

got it from the sticker moster website.

and now, she updated her stickist blog. to my dismay, she hav loads more of oh-so-tempting stickers. i dont like! i dont like! damnit. must refrain from order. must! *dramatically drops on the floor pounding, why oh why*

Friday, May 09, 2008

AutoFiesta 2008

Auto Fiesta 2008 - "Fiery Flame"

tmrw's the day. 10th May 2008.

all car lovers, come to Metropolitan tmrw at 4pm. the party is on til 12am. Speaking from experience, there will be many many breath-taking-away cars displayed there.

There will be many exibitors there.
  • Sun Auto

  • Sol Helmet

  • ZeroToHundred.Com

  • Get@Car

  • KK Lau

  • Hypertune

  • Motorsport Playground

  • Fasfik

  • Velocity

  • Trial

  • Dynasty

  • Racecraft

  • Motorsport Division

  • R3

  • Proton GTi Club

  • MSport Bikes

  • MotoMilla (Aprillia)

  • Naza Bikes

  • Redbull

  • DreamCubes

  • Trans Turbo

  • Nitro

not only that... the guys can oggle the GT queens as the model search is going on. *smirk* i wanna see how well they do this time. was last year's participant. but didn't win. i knww.. very tak tau malu..

and the girls can go gossip about them. *points at the stage* "eeee.. that one, cannot make it la.. OMFG. why is she even up there?"

or if you r too nice, jst stay by ur man's side, so he don't linger away to improve his "social networking"

for more information *click*
i'll be there! will be hopping from booth to booth. see you there!! xoxo!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pervert Alert!

i was browsing thru and came across this

dear bloggers and readers, do watch out for..

this guy name Albert - or uses some other names like year 1951.

uses hotmail account - albertxu2007may

and suspiciously comes from -

(Taken from 5xmom)
She said,
Take this as a serious warning because this pedo is keeping a very repulsive, sick, perverted blog which contains pedo matters and adult contents.The blog is here :

And to this arsehole, if I get another comment from you, you better watch your back. The reason I tolerate your stupid, unwanted comments this long is because I wanted to gather enough evidence. You are exposed now.

quite funny eh? but his blog is deleted already.

well not so funny when that pervert stalks ur blog, making terrible comments. sick sick comments.

for example,5xmom made a record of it. For proof.

albert1951 said…
she is such a pretty cute girl I like.
1/15/2008 9:53

AMalbert1951 said…
if she is in her room alone,I think I would sneak inside her room and ra pe her.I will lick her clean tiny pussy hole and fuck her hard until she cries for pain.
1/15/2008 9:56

AMalbert1951 said
Mirai Shida,Please let me fuck you and strip off your clothes to see you n ude in front of me.I want to grab your small firm breasts and lick your tiny pussy hole.
1/15/2008 10:05 AM

At 9:40 PM, Blogger albert1951 said
Tang Wei,you look extremely beautiful in photos.I think you are the most beautiful actress nowadays in the filming industry.When I glance at you at first sight,I was so horny and hot that I almost masturbate myself.Your face is really really beautiful!I have seen your debut movie which you portrayed a patriot who was in under cover to seduce a ??? and your mission is to kill him.In the mission,you were brutally ra ped by this betrayer.Your acting is real marvelous !I dare to predict that you would be the super star in the near future.

and at the same time he appears to be a sane naive person.

At 1:42 AM , Blogger albert1951 said..
Date 5th April 2008
Wong,Remember me Albert Ooi who stumbled upon you at Gurney Plaza cinema where you told me that u were going to watch an English movie with your beloved wife? In fact,my first glance at you was that you really look familiar to me.So I took the audacity to ask where had I met you.I am an avid movie goer and always spend my free time watching my favorite films at Gurney.I have read your blog and know you better by now,hehehe.You are an IT engineer and also a lecturer in a university.And currently you are a legal advisor cum member of parliament.???? ?Best regards to you !

albert1951 said
Dr Chua,As far as you are concerned to me,you are a remarkable man.However,you are too much engaged in political matter and neglect lavishing yourself in decadent way of life.Thus,I suggest you to go to China with me next month and of course you got to bear all the traveling expenses as my financial is not so solid.I know very well in China especially Dongguan and Shenzhen.I have been there several times and surely you won’t get disappointed to visit.The local food there is delicious especially their steamed rice.We can go to the foot massage center to wash our toes and just relaxed.We can have full body massage too and the charge is very cheap.If you wish to go with me,please let me know in advance so that I can prepare before hand.
11th April 2008

he wants to go massage with Dr Chua. -_-

go read all the comments in

ACCCKK!!!! *runs*

hooraay to 5xmum! excellent work. *thumbs up*

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nuffnang vs Advertlets

wow. after my post below.. i search on Yahoo and found out bout this.

There's so many issues going on between Nuffnang and Advertlets.

The famous (which i only just come across of) Why Nuffnang will fail. Mr Anti-Nuffnang. He hates Nuffnang so much that it's a bit uncomfortable. i mean, what nuffnang did to him la? Run off with his gf?


Another Nuffnang protestor - End off Nuffnang. he doesn't mind much for the earnings. but he want MORE adverts.

O_o. i think i would prefer more $$$$.

The whole list of final words on Nuffnang.

People went all the way to compare both Nuff and Advert's earnings.

Score board
Nuffnang 1 - 0 Advertlets
Advertlets 1 - 0 Nuffnang

so it's a tie.

and there's one that drops both.

many bloggers hav few adverts from different companies. so Nuff strikes back. no wonder. i thort my blog was very glittery (as in a potential shining star) when i was switched to a glitterati. cheh... potong stim.

Why I don't get no earnings from Nuffnang?

i asked a couple of friends. and sadly, they dont get any earnings as well. *sulk*

i've just recently started blogging again. and decided to see wad's Nuffnang all about.

so i tested. my week 1.

ok la. not many readers. i KNWWW ok. but not bad wad for a new blog right?

then week 2.
wah. getting a tiny bit better. *squirms squirms*

BUT, i patiently wait for Nuffnang to at least increase some earnings. even if it's RM1.00 a week. :s BUT alas, nothing. it's still freaking RM 0.00.



Monday, May 05, 2008

Love, Rosie - Cecilia Adhern

lesson to learn : read the bloody back cover before buying it. *slaps head*

after the MPH sales i went, i came home. jumped on the bed, start flipping the book. DAMNIT. i bought the SAME book i've bought before! so now, i wanna sell it off. it's brand new. my post below states when i bought it.

Book Title : Love, Rosie
Author : Cecelia Ahern (the same author for P.S. I love you)
Price : RM24.00
Synopsis : Rosie and Alex are destined for each other, and everyone seems to know it but them. Best friends since childhood, they are separated as teenagers when Alex and his family relocate from Dublin to Boston. Like two ships always passing in the night, Rosie and Alex stay friends, and though years pass, the two remain firmly attached via e-mails and letters. Heartbroken, they learn to live without each other. But destiny is a funny thing, and in this novel of several missed opportunities, Rosie and Alex learn that fate isn't done with them quite yet.

wad i like bout this book? it's really funny! and romantic. and it gets u frustrated coz the story is not going how you thought it would. so yeah. good no-brainer-reading/chilling/relaxing book to read.
original price *click*
update: Sold to Jin 8th May 2008

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Clothes + Books = Content

few months back, while i was in class, i got a text message asking me "kawan, you trust our taste or not? cheap dress! you want?" i replied "OF COURSE! THANK YOU!" all the way from Bangkok. so sweet of them. really..
after months of ffk-ing and never-get-to-hang-out, we finally did. and got my goodies from 'em as well. i'd say it's a DAMN good bargain. 1 bag + 1 dress + 1 dress/top (dress/top coz i'm short). let the pics justify why i loooooveee loooovveeeee the clothes!!!

this piece fits me sooooo well. *heart*

with belt or without? *heart*

then got bag sumore! but i seems to not being able to snap nice pics of the bag.... which is WHY I NEED A CAMERA! *grumble*

i went for the MPH warehouse sale. one word for it. MESSY. wait. two words. HOT. the books were thrown everywhere! so much so that i was too lazy to look for bargain books and just grab what catches my eyes. i meannnn.... if i dont buy it now, i'll still buy it later on rite? PLUS now it's on sale as well. *guilty*

AND. i was suppose to be in the office. so i bought this intellectual books just to show to dad, that i bought some 'useful' books.

will definitely read it. but not after my chic flicks!!

gonna do some no-brain-reading 1st before getting all serious. bye!!

p/s: have you heard the Amber Chia's advert on the radio. yes radio. meaning she hav to talk. in bloody English. yes her oh-so-cina-ted-version of English. i didnt really understand what she said until i heard it the second time. "comfortable living = comportable living" "vibrant colours = viblulant caleers" seriously. i think she better stick to modelling.

Friday, May 02, 2008


i think i need to stay away from Bangsar for a while. damn those boutiques. but.. but... sigh.

(just sampat-ing after shopping)
ya, i jst noticed, my mirror quite dirty. but the effects is like snowflakes. hahaha..
i need to do something. something to feed my shopping needs. therefore i need to find ways to earn some money. but but... HOOOOWWWW? my daily job isn't sufficient coz my financial consultant a.k.a ah long a.k.a dad is alwis keeping on tabs on my spending. damnit.

which is also why i love big bags.. i stuff my new clothes into it. no need those extra bags! *shouting save the trees!!* mum dunno, dad dunno. ran along to my room, shut the door, take out the clothes. *admire admire* fold it. keep it in the closet. DONE.

i bought one bling ring. RM10 only. from Shopaholics yesterday, and still, my dad noticed, "see? spend sumore. you'll never learn how to save... yada.. yada.. yada.." me goin "ONLY 10ringgit la!" dad shakes head, walks off.

mayb i shld sell dvd hor. haha very funny................ not.

FJ Benjamin sales. i wanna go. MPH sales. i wanna go. Bijou Bazaar. (ok, long time more) but.. i wanna go.
this is wad i'm supposed to do, but i'm snapping pics and blogging instead. ka na sai...