Tuesday, May 20, 2008


mayb it's time of the month. mayb it's just me.

i get annoyed at every single damn bloody omagy thing. easily ticked off. furiously thinking of shooting that nut with my be be* gun. going to my clerks face and giving a tight slap coz her depressing music is making me more depressed.

wishing life was waaaaaayyyyyyy back easier when there were so little responsibilities. going green at the things i dont get to have or to do. i want MORE DAYS for weekends! felt like buying the damn plastic pool and put it in my room, fill it with water and stay in it for hours, WITH the air cond on. the weather is so bloody hot i feel like shooting the birds. y? coz they poop so much. and hot weather makes their poop sticks even worst on my car. yes, my brother cleans the car, but heck, i hate those birds.

i give the boy a hard time when he made me wait. especially when he made me wait. even for 5 mins. im pissed off at pissing! the infection came back again and i had to go to sunway hospital instead. which means drinking more water. and pissing more. i visit the toilet like its my favourite place to be. that bloody costly antibiotics better work!

some people are so annoying online that i rather go offline and re-read my blog. i want to give that person a piece of my mind and not feel bad about it later on. i want LONGER DAYS. where i could have enough time of Sleeping.. of watching one tree hill... of doing my oh-so-auntie-cross-stitch... of reading my books that's looking back at me so pitifully.

yes, i think it's time of the month again. because i demand the irrelevant things. just coz it looks relevant to me.


Tisha said...

Heya Sharyl!
Try drinking yoghurt...hopefully you'll get better!!

lynnz said...

tisha?? TISHAAA!!! no wonder i saw there's a reader from canada. was wondering who...

yeah, i don wanna get needles sticking into my arm again! :(

Tisha said...