Sunday, May 25, 2008

Am I Seeing Things?

it's 5.18 a.m. now. something i hardly gets to do these days. still awake in front of the computer.

but waiit....

my bro has a blog! something he just recently created just coz he learned some IT stuff in college. so i kepoh of course! went and check it out..

guess wad weird? he has like 17 comments, 11 comments, or the very least 7 comments... O_o

i hav the most like, wat? 6 comments????

*why my friends don let comments one!??!*


ok fine.

then i went back to my page. scroll down.... scroll up.. then stop. just as i was about to click to another page.... i thought i saw the wrap-head lady icon on the top right of my header BLINKED! it freaking did! or at least i thought it did. so i waited... wait for it to blink again... cannot be.. the picture was in jpeg form when i saved it. not some flash document or something.

i'm such a scardy cat, that sometimes, at night, when i HAVE to go to the toilet, i'll walk like normal to the toilet, *it's outside across my room* on the lights, pee, on the tap water, wash hands, splash here and there... then when i'm done.. i switch off the lights, then RUN into my room, don't want to look left or right and quickly shut the door.

or when im alone watching tv downstairs, on loud loud. switch on both the halls in front and at the back's lights, then when it's time to go upstairs, off everything. walk to the stairs, walk slowly, then halfway... RUN to the room. close the door, my sis will be looking at me funny. "why u look like that che?" i'll say "no no, nothing. exercise..."

*shit! see? i got scared again. bloody hell, i heard the toilet light switched on, rupanya it's my brother going into the toilet.*

it's not funny okay.

sometimes the dogs outside howl like they are werewolfs. *identity crisis* then i gets scared. and i'll look at the clock, phewwww... it's not 3a.m. or 12a.m. y? you knw.... emily rose? the 3 a.m. thing..

freaky. time to get some sleep i guess. O_o

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