Friday, May 09, 2008

AutoFiesta 2008

Auto Fiesta 2008 - "Fiery Flame"

tmrw's the day. 10th May 2008.

all car lovers, come to Metropolitan tmrw at 4pm. the party is on til 12am. Speaking from experience, there will be many many breath-taking-away cars displayed there.

There will be many exibitors there.
  • Sun Auto

  • Sol Helmet

  • ZeroToHundred.Com

  • Get@Car

  • KK Lau

  • Hypertune

  • Motorsport Playground

  • Fasfik

  • Velocity

  • Trial

  • Dynasty

  • Racecraft

  • Motorsport Division

  • R3

  • Proton GTi Club

  • MSport Bikes

  • MotoMilla (Aprillia)

  • Naza Bikes

  • Redbull

  • DreamCubes

  • Trans Turbo

  • Nitro

not only that... the guys can oggle the GT queens as the model search is going on. *smirk* i wanna see how well they do this time. was last year's participant. but didn't win. i knww.. very tak tau malu..

and the girls can go gossip about them. *points at the stage* "eeee.. that one, cannot make it la.. OMFG. why is she even up there?"

or if you r too nice, jst stay by ur man's side, so he don't linger away to improve his "social networking"

for more information *click*
i'll be there! will be hopping from booth to booth. see you there!! xoxo!

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