Saturday, May 03, 2008

Clothes + Books = Content

few months back, while i was in class, i got a text message asking me "kawan, you trust our taste or not? cheap dress! you want?" i replied "OF COURSE! THANK YOU!" all the way from Bangkok. so sweet of them. really..
after months of ffk-ing and never-get-to-hang-out, we finally did. and got my goodies from 'em as well. i'd say it's a DAMN good bargain. 1 bag + 1 dress + 1 dress/top (dress/top coz i'm short). let the pics justify why i loooooveee loooovveeeee the clothes!!!

this piece fits me sooooo well. *heart*

with belt or without? *heart*

then got bag sumore! but i seems to not being able to snap nice pics of the bag.... which is WHY I NEED A CAMERA! *grumble*

i went for the MPH warehouse sale. one word for it. MESSY. wait. two words. HOT. the books were thrown everywhere! so much so that i was too lazy to look for bargain books and just grab what catches my eyes. i meannnn.... if i dont buy it now, i'll still buy it later on rite? PLUS now it's on sale as well. *guilty*

AND. i was suppose to be in the office. so i bought this intellectual books just to show to dad, that i bought some 'useful' books.

will definitely read it. but not after my chic flicks!!

gonna do some no-brain-reading 1st before getting all serious. bye!!

p/s: have you heard the Amber Chia's advert on the radio. yes radio. meaning she hav to talk. in bloody English. yes her oh-so-cina-ted-version of English. i didnt really understand what she said until i heard it the second time. "comfortable living = comportable living" "vibrant colours = viblulant caleers" seriously. i think she better stick to modelling.

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