Monday, May 26, 2008


everyone needs a little extra cash now and then... these are some of what i search and came up with...

1- Selling Unwanted Magazines, Books and Other Supplies

bet you hav lots of those.

2- Speaking and Lecturing Engagements

if you love talking

3- Run Classes

mayb tiring but the money is definitely better

4- Ebay

easy peasy

5- Hold a yard or garage sale

organize one, make friends, make money!

6- Collect scrap metal and resell this metal to the scrap metal dealers in your town or area

7- Collect pop bottles and cans for recycling

save the environment!!

8- Donate your blood for money

save lifes but please fulfill the requirement 1st.

9- Put clothes on consignment

ur never worn clothes or still-perfect condition clothes.

10- Have a bake sale.

yummy!!!! *think cupcakes & cakes!!*

11- Babysit

some kids ARE adorable ok.

12- Rent out a room

if you have an empty room, make full use of the space then!


13- Teach art classes, either privately or at a local craft store

14- Sell your work at craft shows

15- Sell your work in a gallery

16- Design pieces on commission

17- Design and submit projects for publication in books and magazines

18- Enter your work in contests with cash prizes

19- Do graphic design work, freelance

20- Paint business windows for the holidays


21- Get work as a freelance newspaper photographer

22- Sell your photos to magazines

23- Do wedding and event photography/videography

24- Teach photography/videography classes

25- Turn your images into cards, and sell them


26- Umpire/referee.

27- Coach

28- Become a personal trainer

29- Become a fishing guide, hiking guide or river guide

30- Teach others your sport

Animal Lovers

31- Walk dogs

32- Pet sit

33- Offer grooming services


34- Give private lessons

35- Perform at restaurants, weddings, bar mitzvahs and other events


36- Teach cooking classes

37- Sell your foods at farmer's markets and craft shows

38- Cater

39- Take orders for birthday cakes


40- Sign up for hotel and resort.

41- Sell your travel articles and photos to magazines


42- Repair computers

43- Build and sell computers

44- Become a computer consultant

45- Design websites


46- Hire yourself out as a gardener/ landscaper

47- Divide and sell plants from your garden

48- Sell the extra fruits and vegetables from your harvest

49- Sell seeds from your best plants

50- Can foods from your garden, and sell them at the farmer's market


51- Start a blog

52- Sell articles online or to magazines

53- Enter writing contests with cash prizes

54- Write advertising copy for local businesses

55- Produce and sell an e-book


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