Friday, May 23, 2008

For you, Osh

also, for every other bimbo out there. *smiles*

hey giam, remember you asked me to where to find dresses that could actually fit u? here it is!

i dont quite knw what's your taste is like. so i'll go according to mine. heh heh.
i like the sea blue bubble dress on the left, cute! a boutique called mooie. *click*
im not sure bout this two. but it sure look chic enuf! from sewnsoul *click*
i hope it holds on to my boobies. i hate to keep pulling it up in public. *click*
i can't help it. BIKINI!!!! *click*

and shoes of course. it's a lil pricy but it's sure waaaayy much cheaper compared to london's stuff. im not too sure bout the quality babe, havent been there before, so far the celebrities* raves bout this brand. *click*
* Malaysian celebrities. so don't get all excited just yet.
oh heck it, i'll just bring you over to bangsar. clothes for the high end users and low end as well. take your pick. and if your feeling generous enough, feel free to splurge on me too!
not enuf? i'll bring you somewhere else too! you'll be totally worn out by the end of the day. and after i drop you home, u'll be thanking me with ur life! (too much, i knw, for dramatic effect) lol.

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