Thursday, May 22, 2008

it's not fair!!

i KNEW i shouldnt have click on yahoo.

and now i KNOW. archuleta lost to cook. DAMNIT.

i was rooting for archuleta ok! oh that innocent boyish look.... *swoon*

that gimmick i-feel-so-touch-by-the-song-i-sang-so-i-cried cook must hav got those votes in. sure he's hot. his second song last night made him look a little like daughtry. and imma big big fan for chris! *double swoon*

but i felt archuleta was more of the "pop" singer where chances are he'll stay popular unlike fantasia, or taylor hicks *whr has he gone to??* but cook?? yeah i agree he could really sing for different types of genre, but still.... oh well, next time must check out bartenders. cook was a bartender before and now where he is?!

but still............

here. go ogle the pictures.

David A.

David C.

NO! i dont knw why archuleta's pic is larger. wasn't on purpose i promised!

look! arent they looking so scute here!
oh. why am i being that high school girl again. :s


Lynn said...

I still like David Cook better =D

lynnz said...

haha. i like them both. but i just thort david a. would win. how to choose btwn them!?! one is so adorable cute. one is dashing hot. :)