Monday, May 12, 2008

My Stupid Bladder

yes. u heard me. my bladder.

i just woke up the next morning and found pee-ing is a torture.

1st, it feels weird. so i thought i didnt hav enough of water. weather also so hot. so i gulp down a whole bottle of water. 1.5liter one ok! coz i didnt wanna go thru the i-feel-like-peeing-but-cannot-pee process.

ok so, next round in the toilet. pee. Wah... still like that. hey, u knw ur pee is different when it is. i mean, u are the only one who smells* and look at ur pee every day right?

*not as in purposely lean towards the bowl n smell lah ok! u get my drift...

then AT NITE, pure torture wei.. i wanted to stop drinking water. coz the pain is so great, im damn freaking-shit scared of going to the toilet. told mum, she said mayb got stones.. just drink more water.. tmrw sure ok one. if not tmrw we go see doc.

damnit. it was only 11.50pm, i wanted to go look for the doctor's hse ady. so i took 2 penadol. um.. i hav this believe that penadol works for ANY DAMN pain ok. like stomach pain, take penadol, period pain, take penadol, bladder pain, penadol, headache, penadol, flu, penadol. the list goes on....

so, it worked like 2 hours. i'm pain free! can jump jump, go online.. then slept off for a while. only to wake up at 5.30 bloody am. pain pain again! go online. read every remedy they hav. i found out it is called UTI - urinary tract infection. *wahh.. can become doctor d* they say take cranberry juice. but supermarkets only opens at 10plus a.m. i stare at the clock. willing it to go faster. read on... vitamin C is good. *jumps of the chairs, rush downstairs, open fridge* ORANGE!! cut 2 biji. i mean, who the hell eats orange at 5ish in the morning? people in pain does that. then i remember my mum alwis ask me to take the supplements, *reads the label* ooohhhh! got vitamin C. swallow one.

took another penadol. slept again, woke up feeling the need to pee again *oh no!!* pain pain pain... i mean the pain is not just when u pee. even when ur NOT peeing, the pain lingers in ur bladder. like u can feel ur bladder is damnnnnn raw. so i went and pee, only to find my pee is bloody-omagy orange!! scary weii... before that is clear like mineral water only.

so the clock strikes 9am. YAY! time to go see doc. reach thr.. doc ask to pee in the container. *my 1st time ok, so i thort oh fuck. how to aim?* go toilet. pee, aim, shoot! only to find, my updated pee is also bloody. YA. i knw damn disgusting rite. nobody ask to u keep reading.

anyway, doc said it's quite bad. so doc gave me all this medication, urine cleaner la, crystal disolve la, pain killer, antibiotics. costed RM80 bux weii.. *heart pain pain*

go home, ate medicine, sleep, woke up FEVER. kantoi.... thort need to go hospital d. sleep again. wake up. fever gone! yay! bathe get ready, then went for metro's auto fiesta. when everybody ask why so good bring homemade bali drink... i just said im sick. weii.. how to tell ppl over the food im having bladder problems rite?

lesson learn. always drink lots of water to prevent this shit.