Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Nuffnang vs Advertlets

wow. after my post below.. i search on Yahoo and found out bout this.

There's so many issues going on between Nuffnang and Advertlets.

The famous (which i only just come across of) Why Nuffnang will fail. Mr Anti-Nuffnang. He hates Nuffnang so much that it's a bit uncomfortable. i mean, what nuffnang did to him la? Run off with his gf?


Another Nuffnang protestor - End off Nuffnang. he doesn't mind much for the earnings. but he want MORE adverts.

O_o. i think i would prefer more $$$$.

The whole list of final words on Nuffnang.

People went all the way to compare both Nuff and Advert's earnings.

Score board
Nuffnang 1 - 0 Advertlets
Advertlets 1 - 0 Nuffnang

so it's a tie.

and there's one that drops both.

many bloggers hav few adverts from different companies. so Nuff strikes back. no wonder. i thort my blog was very glittery (as in a potential shining star) when i was switched to a glitterati. cheh... potong stim.

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