Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ovum Donor for RM3500!!!

i find it hard to believe. i received this twice already from a known talent agency.

take a look...

They are looking for non-virgin, and non Muslim young ladies, 18-29 years old, to become an egg (ovum) donor.

look how they specify NON virgin, and NON Muslim.

You will get RM 3500 + FREE medical check up.

"It’s SAFE and EASY. It’s done by well known clinics in Damansara, KL and Johor. As we all know, ladies eggs are produced and dropped every month, so it's better to donate and give hope and joy to the loving couples. USA and UK guidelines are strictly followed by the clinics - you can donate many times and still can get pregnant after that."


  1. 30 minutes consultation with doctor
  2. Sign agreement form and safety form to protect your interest.
  3. Medical check up (it’s free) to know your health condition. Will get report in few days time.
  4. If your health condition is acceptable, your profile will be shown to childless couples.
  5. If you are selected (normally you will be selected not more than three month). Doctor will give you medication (very very small injections) to be taken at home everyday for about 10-15 days.
  6. Medicines are taken to make your eggs become many and healthy. No harm.
  7. Discuss when to transfer eggs.
  8. Will get cash immediately after the eggs have been taken. No operation/surgery and no pain. Doctor only sucks from your vagina using very small and long tube. No side effect.

Want their number?

RM3500! i wonder....


khengsiong said...

What they are saying is that, Muslims' children must always be Muslims. So Muslims' eggs can't be donated to non-Muslim couples.

teefernee. said...

i got this message as well. from friendster & facebook. i don't think any woman would want to risk this. and they mentioned no side effects but how true is that? iSh. sounds like danger to me. :)

lynnz said...

khengsiong: yeah, but they could separate it couldn't they? like "HEY U MUSLIM! jalan sana" :)

lynnz said...

teefernee: yeah exactly. i mean, they could jst gang rape u and not feel bad just coz ur non-virgin d. hahaha..

Johnathan said...

why non virgin? They gonna stick something up your vagina to get the Egg???

lynnz said...

john: read the last line of the procedure. lol.

tzyy said...

no side-effect = bullshit.
they're using the way how they do abortion.

abortion got side-effect? we heard that everywhere everytime.

Anonymous said...

Anyone here have done this?!