Friday, May 02, 2008


i think i need to stay away from Bangsar for a while. damn those boutiques. but.. but... sigh.

(just sampat-ing after shopping)
ya, i jst noticed, my mirror quite dirty. but the effects is like snowflakes. hahaha..
i need to do something. something to feed my shopping needs. therefore i need to find ways to earn some money. but but... HOOOOWWWW? my daily job isn't sufficient coz my financial consultant a.k.a ah long a.k.a dad is alwis keeping on tabs on my spending. damnit.

which is also why i love big bags.. i stuff my new clothes into it. no need those extra bags! *shouting save the trees!!* mum dunno, dad dunno. ran along to my room, shut the door, take out the clothes. *admire admire* fold it. keep it in the closet. DONE.

i bought one bling ring. RM10 only. from Shopaholics yesterday, and still, my dad noticed, "see? spend sumore. you'll never learn how to save... yada.. yada.. yada.." me goin "ONLY 10ringgit la!" dad shakes head, walks off.

mayb i shld sell dvd hor. haha very funny................ not.

FJ Benjamin sales. i wanna go. MPH sales. i wanna go. Bijou Bazaar. (ok, long time more) but.. i wanna go.
this is wad i'm supposed to do, but i'm snapping pics and blogging instead. ka na sai...

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