Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pervert Alert!

i was browsing thru and came across this

dear bloggers and readers, do watch out for..

this guy name Albert - or uses some other names like year 1951.

uses hotmail account - albertxu2007may

and suspiciously comes from -

(Taken from 5xmom)
She said,
Take this as a serious warning because this pedo is keeping a very repulsive, sick, perverted blog which contains pedo matters and adult contents.The blog is here :

And to this arsehole, if I get another comment from you, you better watch your back. The reason I tolerate your stupid, unwanted comments this long is because I wanted to gather enough evidence. You are exposed now.

quite funny eh? but his blog is deleted already.

well not so funny when that pervert stalks ur blog, making terrible comments. sick sick comments.

for example,5xmom made a record of it. For proof.

albert1951 said…
she is such a pretty cute girl I like.
1/15/2008 9:53

AMalbert1951 said…
if she is in her room alone,I think I would sneak inside her room and ra pe her.I will lick her clean tiny pussy hole and fuck her hard until she cries for pain.
1/15/2008 9:56

AMalbert1951 said
Mirai Shida,Please let me fuck you and strip off your clothes to see you n ude in front of me.I want to grab your small firm breasts and lick your tiny pussy hole.
1/15/2008 10:05 AM

At 9:40 PM, Blogger albert1951 said
Tang Wei,you look extremely beautiful in photos.I think you are the most beautiful actress nowadays in the filming industry.When I glance at you at first sight,I was so horny and hot that I almost masturbate myself.Your face is really really beautiful!I have seen your debut movie which you portrayed a patriot who was in under cover to seduce a ??? and your mission is to kill him.In the mission,you were brutally ra ped by this betrayer.Your acting is real marvelous !I dare to predict that you would be the super star in the near future.

and at the same time he appears to be a sane naive person.

At 1:42 AM , Blogger albert1951 said..
Date 5th April 2008
Wong,Remember me Albert Ooi who stumbled upon you at Gurney Plaza cinema where you told me that u were going to watch an English movie with your beloved wife? In fact,my first glance at you was that you really look familiar to me.So I took the audacity to ask where had I met you.I am an avid movie goer and always spend my free time watching my favorite films at Gurney.I have read your blog and know you better by now,hehehe.You are an IT engineer and also a lecturer in a university.And currently you are a legal advisor cum member of parliament.???? ?Best regards to you !

albert1951 said
Dr Chua,As far as you are concerned to me,you are a remarkable man.However,you are too much engaged in political matter and neglect lavishing yourself in decadent way of life.Thus,I suggest you to go to China with me next month and of course you got to bear all the traveling expenses as my financial is not so solid.I know very well in China especially Dongguan and Shenzhen.I have been there several times and surely you won’t get disappointed to visit.The local food there is delicious especially their steamed rice.We can go to the foot massage center to wash our toes and just relaxed.We can have full body massage too and the charge is very cheap.If you wish to go with me,please let me know in advance so that I can prepare before hand.
11th April 2008

he wants to go massage with Dr Chua. -_-

go read all the comments in

ACCCKK!!!! *runs*

hooraay to 5xmum! excellent work. *thumbs up*


Johnathan said...

If Police wants him he sure hell will get him. ahhaha. IP can tracked. He's using streamyx.

lynnz said...

john: stupid rite that guy. free free only kena tangkap. tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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