Thursday, May 22, 2008

Procastination vs Motivation

everyone seems to be goin on a short trip of pure leisure.

*click* *click* *click*

that's me clicking on the blogs i stalk. and LOOK at the pictures! oh bloody omagy tempting! when when when's my turn?

i was telling my friend the other day, ohhh! just imagine! lets just imagine.. can u feel the breeze? the ocean breeze? can u smell the salty air? hmmm!!! *car honked* cheh.. so much for trying to imagine.

i wanna just wake up, and laze around by the beach. floating in the pool. *coz i can't swim* walking around in beach sandals, read a book by the beach accompanied by the sound of the waves, when's it too hot, run back to the air cond rooms, sleep again. wake up.. same routine. i could do this forever!

look at the freaking pool!
top of my list... just reading a no-brainer book, relaxing... i need it. READ NEED. not WANT.


would you call it a motivation? or just pure procastination? that i'll go, run off to some beach, take time off, thinking and convincing myself that once i get back, i'll be fresh and alive to get back on track? or it's just an excuse to not do anything at all, go off to a far far land, party all night long without dreading to wake up the next day, only to come back to the city, feeling like a retard, coz i'm gonna miss the breeze for the next couple of days?

i need someone to come and whack me in the head. n tell me to get back to work.


Marianne said...

i want a beach holiday too .. but my holiday's all the way in september.. so long more :(

lynnz said...

marianne: mine coming! in 1.5months time. but it's finals b4 that. :(