Saturday, May 10, 2008

Stickers Fetish!

never have i thought i would get addicted to purchase stickers.

i used to. and now, i do again. no thanks to the Sticker Monster -_-

well done, sharyl.

not only do i purchased 1, but 7!!! damnit. *crying in pain*

but when i receive my stickers today i-ma-so-bloody omagy-happy!! *jumps around with the letter* havent even open already so happy.

picture time! pictures!

*bling bling*
i knw. it's not xmas yet. but the santa is damn cute.

*pop up stickers*

ok, my pics aren't that nice. camera phone not canggih enough.

got it from the sticker moster website.

and now, she updated her stickist blog. to my dismay, she hav loads more of oh-so-tempting stickers. i dont like! i dont like! damnit. must refrain from order. must! *dramatically drops on the floor pounding, why oh why*


Jayelle said...

hehehe awww!! glad you like it!! *equally happy*

Since I'm back, i can meet up with you and let you look at them stickers up close and personal. ;p

lynnz said...


evil ke devil!!

will get munteng to buzz u soon!! yay!

jasmine said...

the handiwork stickers were actually sold rm3.50 retail