Monday, May 26, 2008


come to think about it, when a person is rich. popular. a celebrity. have a certain weird fetish or hobby, everyone would say he/she is unique. having a tasteful sense of things to do.

but when one is a nerd looking fella. ugly. alone. doin the same.. what else? he downright weird. and so-lets-stay-away.

eventho if the two same person is having the same type of fetish/hobby.

anyway... if you have been reading zerotohundred, u'll knw about this. and usually only BOYS does, leaving us poor girls unknown to this weird weird umm.. "fact".

a guy admits to having sex WITH the cars.

read WITH not IN the cars. doesnt make sense right?

Edward Smith, 57, of Washington State freaking admits it.

he said "When I turned 13 and the famous Corvette Stingray came about, that car was pure sex and just an incredible machine. I wanted it. I didn't fully understand it myself except that I know I'm not hurting anyone and I do not intend to."

yeah, sure. it's just a damn disturbing thing. he went on to say "There are moments way out in the middle of nowhere when I see a little car parked and I swear it needs loving. There have been certain cars that attracted me and I would wait until night time, creep up to them and just hug and kiss them."

ugh... yuck yuck yuck!

in the end, claiming he's not gay, yet not interested in woman as well. tell me, what does that make him?

you can read more bout that at zerotohundred. now go. i knw you kepoh ppl will. i'll leave you at that.



Falcon said...

man..some people are just crazy..really crazy..

lynnz said...

and sick too. it's just doesnt make sense. :s