Saturday, May 17, 2008

What is a good title?

i see many bloggers having difficulties on getting traffic to their blogs.

some advised to hav good title... or good content. but what's a good title? something catchy. to that bloggers will nang it when it catches their attention. yeah sure.... :s

i dont think so. more like titles contains the word SEX, or something extravagant. no wait... i think the word SEX or anything relate to it, like BRA, or BREAST catches readers. *rolled eyes* so many ham sap ppl.. tsk tsk. even like Kenny Sia's blog, apart from being funny, his very first few post in, has gotta do with sex. eg. condom.

and good content? some with really bad english, still can hav tonnes of ppl reading and following their blogs. why? no i hav no idea at all.


3POINT8 said...

I'm also having difficulty with good titles.
Oh well.... In innit, Sometimes I rather go by author than by titles.

lynnz said...

yeah. i saw ur comment on the "I give you 50bucks if u click" post. lol.