Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Why I don't get no earnings from Nuffnang?

i asked a couple of friends. and sadly, they dont get any earnings as well. *sulk*

i've just recently started blogging again. and decided to see wad's Nuffnang all about.

so i tested. my week 1.

ok la. not many readers. i KNWWW ok. but not bad wad for a new blog right?

then week 2.
wah. getting a tiny bit better. *squirms squirms*

BUT, i patiently wait for Nuffnang to at least increase some earnings. even if it's RM1.00 a week. :s BUT alas, nothing. it's still freaking RM 0.00.




Gardagami said...

See Please Here

Marianne said...

no ads of course don't earn la ..

cannot expect them to straight away give ads mah, must be patient let them monitor your traffic and whatever shit.

or else, turn on the "Show Global CPC ads" so at least you get some ads that when ppl click you get money. (which is why you should always click on mine -____-)

but unless you're getting hundreds of readers, i don't think you'd be earning much la. you can try to attract readers by using the innit system..

(setupiak hasn't even reached RM20 in more than 1 year.. hahha)

lynnz said...

marianne: ok. i'll try. i thort Nuff will pay weekly even if RM1.00 just coz we advertise Nuffnang. heh heh... mayb they shld!

Marianne said...

if you put more kinds of ads, like the long rectangle one and the square one, you might have a higher chance of ads .. and can earn more too cuz got more ads..

Jan said...

Nuffnang is small fry compare with Adsense. I still earn more from Adsense and could hit the payout point of US$100 regularly. You can read more from my review of Adsense vs Nuffnang.

Cheers and keep on bloggging!

lynnz said...

marianne: i dun understand all that html thing!! :(

jan: ooooohhh! USD100 is like 300bux here. *think shopping*