Monday, June 30, 2008

temptations temptations

if you'd think it's just another boutique... think again!

it's MY FRIEND'S boutique. Our Temptations.

yah. very big deal.

they just opened it like a week or two and already spotted by some fashionistas online! damn fast.

like i said, it's not just another boutique. coz..... so far, based on my observation.. the clothes are very Boobs enhancing. lolz...

so if you hav a problem in that particular department, this is your chance to flaunt it without stuffing your bras with tissues! go au-natural. :)

here are some pictures taken from the blog.

price range from RM30 to RM50.

i have it linked on the right side of my blog. clickity click!

p/s: dee, i realise u hav very good posture. must be the ballet. :)

Swift Code

damn Swift code

what's a swift code?
SWIFT code is an industry cooperative that provides a standard format for transmitting payments, stock transactions, letters of credit and other financial messages to more than 7,500 member banks, broker-dealers and investment organizations around the world. Founded in 1973 as the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, millions of transactions worth several trillions of dollars are sent each day with an average transit time of 20 seconds. Working like a bank routing number, a SWIFT code is widely used to transfer funds between banks.

there. you've learnt something.

Malaysia's Bank Swift Code.

Affin Bank Berhad - PHBMMYKL
Alliance Bank Berhad - MFBBMYKL
Ambank Berhad - ARBKMYKL
Bank Simpanan Nasional - BSNAMYKL
Citibank Berhad Malaysia - CITIMYKL
EON Bank Berhad - EOBBMYKL
Hong Kong Bank Malaysia Berhad - HBMBMYKL
Hong Leong Bank Berhad - HLBBMYKL
Malayan Banking Berhad - MBBEMYKL
Public Bank Berhad - PBBEMYKL
RHB Bank Berhad - RHBBMYKL
Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad - SCBLMYKL
United Overseas Bank Berhad - UOVBMYKL

thanks to this, i baru kena marah. because boss expects me to remember the damn codes.


so i gonna work harder. *semangat*

at playing BINGO. *click*


Monday, June 23, 2008

the "anything & whatever" drink

i logged onto msn today...

and found out there's this Whatever and Anything drink.


like, seriously.
u can get it now at 7-11. *read more here*

in my personal opinion, it doesn't look like the type i would grab even if i'm dying of thirst. Given a choice, i'll grab the mineral water instead.

so.. i was thinking, nowadays, vulgar words are a norm. when asked what we want to drink/eat, we go "gimme that fucking drink! i'm fucking thirsty!", or "i wan to eat that fucking food! i'm fungry!" we are so creative even create new words, like fungry.. fugly.. so, what? they gonna come up with a drink/food labelled "FUNGRY!" "FURSTY"?

i can't imagine the picture they gonna put on the can.

ashton krutcher

hav you seen him?

like really seen him?

just recently watched What happen in Vegas. my jaw drops when he was all dressed up for the company dinner. HE IS GOOOoooOOOOrGEOUS!

this is no advert post ok! i hav this school-girl crush on him ever since, PUNK'D!

until i dreamt of him. he's so HAWT!

and did you look at him when he closes his eyes during kissing scene? did you? did you??? that's how he was in my dream... right before i woke up. damnit..

Friday, June 20, 2008

too tired.

okay, i've been rather blausy (busy + lazy), went and cleared my emails. it's reaching 1000 emails, since 2005!

it made me smile at least.

have you been THIS tired?

u may hav seen it before, but they're just too cute arent they? that's why they say, babies/ little children looks like an angel when they sleep, but little devils when they are awake. how true.

Monday, June 16, 2008


i hate it when....

... i'm about to sleep, everything else feels so comfortable, THEN, the nose starts itching, imaginary mosquito bites are felt on the legs, the shorts felt too tight, blanket felt too warm, then too cold without one, turning left and right. and then fell asleep uncomfortably.

... the day is too hot, and every clothes worn felt too "stiff", and then sticky, especially when running around outside during errands. even after taking a shower, come out, feeling sweaty again!

... pms strikes! everything hav to be clean, no dust, no hair, no ants! suddenly feeling like a mighty maid, cleaning the bed, the table, and so on. and the next hour, another speck of dust makes the mind go haywire!

... i thought i don't have enough of sleep, but instead, i've slept more than 12 hours. woke up feeling more grumpy than ever. fidgeting here and there. sour faced until something else makes the face smile.

... the nose is not behaving. having sinus is a torture. because it hav a mind on it's own. and when it just gotten worse, medication makes the temper flare!

... panties get stuck in the buttcrack! WARRGHH. i hate that the most! imagine wearing all suit up, working clothes, or some nice party dress, AND THEN, it stuck! silently adjust it, sits down, and the next time u stand up again, it gets STUCK again!

this is a totally random post. just felt like it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

what's happening??!!


it's just not safe to go out at nights anymore. it doesnt matter if your a female or male. "goodbye social life"

fugging mat rempits now robs anytime of the day. worst, coz now they GANG rob.

and police are not doin anything to stop preventing this. the only times i see policemen at work, is when they are on the "operasi" to saman*.

* actually means duit kopi.

i read the link from kinkybluefairy. it's very recent, like last thursday. at LDP. yes, the road we take nearly everyday.

*please read*

so how now? wad do we do for own protection? wanna drive big car. they'll target u. but if drive small cars, it's easier for them to break in and whallap you.

i knw! *light bulb*

modify cars. install hard-to-break-windows. install turbo.

one more. install police siren too. just switch it on, the buggers would ran off hysterically.

i'm so pissed off. why rob? why??? no bluddy cow sense. earn ur own fugging money to survive. come and beg at asia cafe if not enough!



it's raining. it's 1.1a.m.

but im having 2 papers tmrw.

this sucks.

thank god it's all mcq's. *gloat gloat*

Monday, June 09, 2008

life... and the little surprises.

today i stumble upon an old friend's blog.

made me re-think of life in a different light. it's been a while since i reflected my life that way. i used to do it so often in the past. but i viewed it then in the negative view. that it become so hard to just move on to another day. life just doesnt seem worthy enough to get by.

instead now, i looked into it in a positive manner. how positive u may ask. well for starters, i find most people now, are superficial. not as in, they are two faced to friends or to use people to get where they wanted or what they wanted. i'm talking about being two faced towards your ownself.

hardly anyone looks or appreciates or take a moment to acknowledge how they really feel. sure, hard life makes us a stone cold person. and i do agree, in order to succeed, u need to be tough. to not let things affect ur emotions. but as time past, if one doesnt take the time to reflect on how they really feel, everyday life will seemed routine. boring. no point. endless.

just acknowledge how you feel is good enough. take the time to just feed ur emotions. damn all those who tells u not to be emo. sometimes, emo-ing is good. acknowledging that wad that person did really hurts you is okay. instead of just saying "oh it's life". feeling the pain and being angry is okay. and after that. you stop. coz if it gets too much, u'll end up feeling sorry for yourself. and that's is not a good thing. because life is much more than that.

then u look into the positive light. that's what i said earlier. look at how blessed you are. what your friends would do for you. how far you have come to achieve your goals. what and who you are today. do take the time to tell a friend, how much she/he means to you. i truly believe, hardly anyone does this anymore. sure, we go out and hang out. we buy presents and celebrate occassions together. laughing and share stupid silly jokes. but... do you take the time to tell that friend how wonderful it is to hav her/him as YOUR friend? hardly. that's why many friends backstabbed one another. or go their own way once their journey as a student ends. or goals conflicted. even by admitting that ur friends are god's gift to you, u'd learned to appreciate them more. and after that, 100%, u'll feel so much better about yourself.

feeling more than motivated to get on with life. to start a new day with new motivations. reflect on this once a month. too often and you'll be an emo person. too little and you'll be a stone hearted person. get real... get real with your feelings. yourself. because thats the only thing you can trust yourself to do.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

One Tree Hill

the moment i was introduced to One Tree Hill, i was hooked

like a G-string/thong to the buttcrack. -_-

if only there's exams on the subject onetreehill 101. i'll get HIGH HIGH Distinction. purrfect! like what #3 said was right, the songs goes very very very well with the show. i love everything bout OTH.

brooke's fashion, is sooooo ME. which is why she's my favourite person in the show. ooohh! Jamie is my 2nd favourite. Don't grow up okay, Jamie?

anyway, introducing you.... THE CAST. as if you don't knw already.

look at the image change since season 1.

if only dan is a nice person, then he could be the hot dad.

tadaaaa! one tree hill season 5. my oh my. look how hot haley tuition-teacher became?

Lucas, Mr-I-am-always-confused-who-i-love-more.
Haley naley.
Nathan, lucky bastard who would still look at that dat fugly looking nanny.
Ms Brooke!! check out her boutique in the show. FABULOUS.

Peyton, i love her drawings but she's always a bit too emo. "People always leave"

Skillz! buahahwhhahaha.. "lets knock lindsey out and put peyton instead"
Mouth. i dont knw how girls can kiss him. really. and yet, he manage to hump his boss. but then again, his boss is one fugly shit.

ooooooohhh.. pweety dress!
who wouldnt want a moma like brooke.
jamie... jamie.. jamie..

one big happy family. sigh.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Bavarian Bierhaus

it one of the most amazing meal i ever had.


Bavarian Bierhaus (sounds like beer-haus)

just last night, the boy decides to introduce to me to German food. helllooooooo German food.

was a little skeptical at 1st. i mean, what the heck is German food?? i looked around. eeeew.. only sausages ar? a bit "obscene" looking.

The pub/restaurant is situated at The Curve. The boy ask me to look around. No Malays. I wondered why, coz the other area, starbucks etc etc is full of 'em. So I said "They can't afford it mayb?" He laughed and said, "Look at the menu"


PORK. no wonder.

i didnt manage to snap pictures. was too occupied stuffing my mouth. so i got these photos from other people's blog.
This is wad the boy ordered. Pork Ribs with Barbeque sauce. O-M-G. it fugging amazing. the sauce jst made the beer taste EVEN better.

The two pictures above is MINE. Crispy Pork Knuckle with Bacon. H-E-A-V-E-N. no i'm not exagerating.

We happened to order the best meal in the menu. I gotta admit, i'm a small portion eater. I eat alot but in small small dozes. The boy was worried at first coz the last time he brought me else where, i didnt finish the food, and he was disappointed. -_-

Through out the dinner, we hardly speak. The only noises we made was "mmmhhhh.." "HmmmmHHHHHMMMMmm" Then we exchange our plates. Getting the best out of our money. My food came with a knife (real knife) stuck in the middle of the pork. It's a bit amusing coz ppl started staring. (shy la, i look damn greedy) The price? Well, if your willing to spend about RM100 bux per person, yes. go there. if not, stay home and cook ur own pork! Or unless, u manage to manipulate ur partner into paying for you! *wink*

The BEER! Paulaner beer. *looking at it dreamy*
it is so smooth, you dont wanna touch TIGER beer anymore. It's not very strong, just a nice touch of "high". This could turn your ugly mood to I-LOVE-EVERYONE today. and i dont mean that I-LOVE-*puke*-EVERY-*puke puke*-ONE. This beer can't get you drunk. Even a person who cant take alcohol can drink this.
But... oh well, if you don't like beer. Have a SMOOTHIE! was a lil disappointed coz there's no margarita or some sort like that. but the Beer took my disappointment awayyy.

p/s: when you get there, order a GERMAN dish. not some pasta dish just coz ur afraid to try something new. (i myself nearly ordered pasta until the boy said "Pasta is an ITALIAN dish. then come German restaurant for wat!!"

*grins* i lovie the pork.

I'm Yours

by Jason Mraz.

i fell in love with this song the moment i heard it. it's a totally holiday "feel" song.

yes now you knw how deprived i am for holidays.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Good News!

so.... petrol prices increase huh?

RM1.92 -----------------> RM2.70

big difference. wanna buy proton now? heh heh.

my petrol consumption used to be:

RM100.00 full tank = 57liters (before)
RM100.00 not-so-full tank = 32liters (NOW)

and it usually barely last me a week. A WEEK if i travel ONLY back and forth from home to Subang. but c'mon la, don need to study? don need to go out? send sis/bro? do errands?

so as a consumer, yes i'm affected too.

BUT it's a damn good thing for my company!! My company's boilers are selling like hot cakes now.

ok *ahem* lemme do some introduction of what i'm doing in the office. YES, i freaking DO work ok.

We are the 1st company selling CLEAN COAL technology steam boiler in Malaysia. It's a Japanese design but manufactured in China (cheap labour, heh). All over Asia, we have one branch to manage the business.

what's a boiler? It's a machine that produce steam for manufacturers. So, we are dealing with manufacturers instead of the general consumers.

why we're different? Coz other boiler makers are using the fuel energy such as MFO, Diesel and Natural Gas to product the steam. We instead, are using Clean Coal. Now the coal price is only 30cents comparing to Gas, RM1.15 and MFO reaching RM3.40.

it used to be about 35- 40% of energy saving comparing to Natural Gas to Coal. But thanks to Badawi, the savings are now very much far apart, gaining us the market advantage.

sigh. ok, it's boring i knw. i'm doing this everyday! speaking to factory managers, bluudy rude receiptionist, or some workers, or the i-dunno-what's-boiler-but-yes-we're-using-one workers. if everything goes well, I DEMAND A POSITION RAISE! *feeling a tad important coz for M'sia, i deal with all the prospects*

*by the way, always friends ask me, what the boiler is for. "for home ah?". it's for factories and manufacturers ok. "how much is 1boiler?" it's at least RM1 million.

now i knw, how all the sales ppl feels, how muka tembok they hav to be when ppl brush them off. thick skin. smile and say thank you even though some ppl are just downright rude. and move on to the next person. i read somewhere recently, and it says "Every No, is actually a Feedback" and "Every No, is just a challenge to make it a Yes"

fuwahh, damn motivated right? *smiles*

sigh. if only, we can use coal as a substitute for our cars.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Too Fast.

time pass too fast.

i wished it was saturday morning again. i needed that weekend getaway. and it happened. only, now it's bloody Sunday night again. i hate sunday nights. because that means Monday mornings is near and the weekend is coming to the end.

saturday morning started with the laziness to pack. to get ready and to head off. most of us were still online. deciding how to go, what time, plan change, what to pack, etc etc.. until 11.30a.m. one by one went offline to meet up.

my 1st drive with you to P.D. it was awesome. loved every second of it. laughter, merajuk-ness, annoying face, "springkle" of love, that asam laksa goreng, bossing one another around. i. love. it.

the time we reached there, was just in time to meet everyone. tea time! didnt realise how much i missed the bunch of us. thanks denise. tho it was a short trip, it was simple awesome. happy birthday again, i hope u drank the most of my gift, not the boys. *ish*

the boys were hilarious to watch. got the Hybrid stuck in the sand. *pushhh! pushhh!! no, turn the wheels (daniel)! argh! stuck again!! ok, u pull there (kesh), i pull here (chan), OI you! what the hell are you doing?! come here and help (tim)!* should hav let the small one drive (ME!), not screaming when there's ENUF space to cut thru. shower time, the rules for 'em (the boys) to share towel is *NO BALLS, NO ARMPITS, NO ASS* 3 parts not to wipe just coz it's simply disgusting. lol, it was damn funny.

went for the drag race. i love being around seeing u do your thing. tho im sorry, i let my temper took control instead of making the most of the night. it was NOT ruined tho i repeated told you that. it was close to perfection if it wasnt because of the fight. i wished i was sick instead. woke up and the rest of the day just wasnt enough because i didnt want it to end. the anniversary is coming up. and i can't bloody wait for it. to celebrate the joys, tears, anger and laughter being with u.

emo post. just coz my heart is emo-ing right now. i hate bluudy sunday nights.

-damn the heartache. come save me-