Monday, June 23, 2008

ashton krutcher

hav you seen him?

like really seen him?

just recently watched What happen in Vegas. my jaw drops when he was all dressed up for the company dinner. HE IS GOOOoooOOOOrGEOUS!

this is no advert post ok! i hav this school-girl crush on him ever since, PUNK'D!

until i dreamt of him. he's so HAWT!

and did you look at him when he closes his eyes during kissing scene? did you? did you??? that's how he was in my dream... right before i woke up. damnit..


cHrIstInA_YY said...

I couldn't agree with u. Ashton is such a hottie and I love his roles in "A Lot Like Love" and "Guess Who".

lynnz said...

i think, what u meant was u couldnt agree More with me? :D damn demi moore..