Friday, June 06, 2008

Bavarian Bierhaus

it one of the most amazing meal i ever had.


Bavarian Bierhaus (sounds like beer-haus)

just last night, the boy decides to introduce to me to German food. helllooooooo German food.

was a little skeptical at 1st. i mean, what the heck is German food?? i looked around. eeeew.. only sausages ar? a bit "obscene" looking.

The pub/restaurant is situated at The Curve. The boy ask me to look around. No Malays. I wondered why, coz the other area, starbucks etc etc is full of 'em. So I said "They can't afford it mayb?" He laughed and said, "Look at the menu"


PORK. no wonder.

i didnt manage to snap pictures. was too occupied stuffing my mouth. so i got these photos from other people's blog.
This is wad the boy ordered. Pork Ribs with Barbeque sauce. O-M-G. it fugging amazing. the sauce jst made the beer taste EVEN better.

The two pictures above is MINE. Crispy Pork Knuckle with Bacon. H-E-A-V-E-N. no i'm not exagerating.

We happened to order the best meal in the menu. I gotta admit, i'm a small portion eater. I eat alot but in small small dozes. The boy was worried at first coz the last time he brought me else where, i didnt finish the food, and he was disappointed. -_-

Through out the dinner, we hardly speak. The only noises we made was "mmmhhhh.." "HmmmmHHHHHMMMMmm" Then we exchange our plates. Getting the best out of our money. My food came with a knife (real knife) stuck in the middle of the pork. It's a bit amusing coz ppl started staring. (shy la, i look damn greedy) The price? Well, if your willing to spend about RM100 bux per person, yes. go there. if not, stay home and cook ur own pork! Or unless, u manage to manipulate ur partner into paying for you! *wink*

The BEER! Paulaner beer. *looking at it dreamy*
it is so smooth, you dont wanna touch TIGER beer anymore. It's not very strong, just a nice touch of "high". This could turn your ugly mood to I-LOVE-EVERYONE today. and i dont mean that I-LOVE-*puke*-EVERY-*puke puke*-ONE. This beer can't get you drunk. Even a person who cant take alcohol can drink this.
But... oh well, if you don't like beer. Have a SMOOTHIE! was a lil disappointed coz there's no margarita or some sort like that. but the Beer took my disappointment awayyy.

p/s: when you get there, order a GERMAN dish. not some pasta dish just coz ur afraid to try something new. (i myself nearly ordered pasta until the boy said "Pasta is an ITALIAN dish. then come German restaurant for wat!!"

*grins* i lovie the pork.

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