Thursday, June 05, 2008

Good News!

so.... petrol prices increase huh?

RM1.92 -----------------> RM2.70

big difference. wanna buy proton now? heh heh.

my petrol consumption used to be:

RM100.00 full tank = 57liters (before)
RM100.00 not-so-full tank = 32liters (NOW)

and it usually barely last me a week. A WEEK if i travel ONLY back and forth from home to Subang. but c'mon la, don need to study? don need to go out? send sis/bro? do errands?

so as a consumer, yes i'm affected too.

BUT it's a damn good thing for my company!! My company's boilers are selling like hot cakes now.

ok *ahem* lemme do some introduction of what i'm doing in the office. YES, i freaking DO work ok.

We are the 1st company selling CLEAN COAL technology steam boiler in Malaysia. It's a Japanese design but manufactured in China (cheap labour, heh). All over Asia, we have one branch to manage the business.

what's a boiler? It's a machine that produce steam for manufacturers. So, we are dealing with manufacturers instead of the general consumers.

why we're different? Coz other boiler makers are using the fuel energy such as MFO, Diesel and Natural Gas to product the steam. We instead, are using Clean Coal. Now the coal price is only 30cents comparing to Gas, RM1.15 and MFO reaching RM3.40.

it used to be about 35- 40% of energy saving comparing to Natural Gas to Coal. But thanks to Badawi, the savings are now very much far apart, gaining us the market advantage.

sigh. ok, it's boring i knw. i'm doing this everyday! speaking to factory managers, bluudy rude receiptionist, or some workers, or the i-dunno-what's-boiler-but-yes-we're-using-one workers. if everything goes well, I DEMAND A POSITION RAISE! *feeling a tad important coz for M'sia, i deal with all the prospects*

*by the way, always friends ask me, what the boiler is for. "for home ah?". it's for factories and manufacturers ok. "how much is 1boiler?" it's at least RM1 million.

now i knw, how all the sales ppl feels, how muka tembok they hav to be when ppl brush them off. thick skin. smile and say thank you even though some ppl are just downright rude. and move on to the next person. i read somewhere recently, and it says "Every No, is actually a Feedback" and "Every No, is just a challenge to make it a Yes"

fuwahh, damn motivated right? *smiles*

sigh. if only, we can use coal as a substitute for our cars.

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