Monday, June 09, 2008

life... and the little surprises.

today i stumble upon an old friend's blog.

made me re-think of life in a different light. it's been a while since i reflected my life that way. i used to do it so often in the past. but i viewed it then in the negative view. that it become so hard to just move on to another day. life just doesnt seem worthy enough to get by.

instead now, i looked into it in a positive manner. how positive u may ask. well for starters, i find most people now, are superficial. not as in, they are two faced to friends or to use people to get where they wanted or what they wanted. i'm talking about being two faced towards your ownself.

hardly anyone looks or appreciates or take a moment to acknowledge how they really feel. sure, hard life makes us a stone cold person. and i do agree, in order to succeed, u need to be tough. to not let things affect ur emotions. but as time past, if one doesnt take the time to reflect on how they really feel, everyday life will seemed routine. boring. no point. endless.

just acknowledge how you feel is good enough. take the time to just feed ur emotions. damn all those who tells u not to be emo. sometimes, emo-ing is good. acknowledging that wad that person did really hurts you is okay. instead of just saying "oh it's life". feeling the pain and being angry is okay. and after that. you stop. coz if it gets too much, u'll end up feeling sorry for yourself. and that's is not a good thing. because life is much more than that.

then u look into the positive light. that's what i said earlier. look at how blessed you are. what your friends would do for you. how far you have come to achieve your goals. what and who you are today. do take the time to tell a friend, how much she/he means to you. i truly believe, hardly anyone does this anymore. sure, we go out and hang out. we buy presents and celebrate occassions together. laughing and share stupid silly jokes. but... do you take the time to tell that friend how wonderful it is to hav her/him as YOUR friend? hardly. that's why many friends backstabbed one another. or go their own way once their journey as a student ends. or goals conflicted. even by admitting that ur friends are god's gift to you, u'd learned to appreciate them more. and after that, 100%, u'll feel so much better about yourself.

feeling more than motivated to get on with life. to start a new day with new motivations. reflect on this once a month. too often and you'll be an emo person. too little and you'll be a stone hearted person. get real... get real with your feelings. yourself. because thats the only thing you can trust yourself to do.

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