Saturday, June 07, 2008

One Tree Hill

the moment i was introduced to One Tree Hill, i was hooked

like a G-string/thong to the buttcrack. -_-

if only there's exams on the subject onetreehill 101. i'll get HIGH HIGH Distinction. purrfect! like what #3 said was right, the songs goes very very very well with the show. i love everything bout OTH.

brooke's fashion, is sooooo ME. which is why she's my favourite person in the show. ooohh! Jamie is my 2nd favourite. Don't grow up okay, Jamie?

anyway, introducing you.... THE CAST. as if you don't knw already.

look at the image change since season 1.

if only dan is a nice person, then he could be the hot dad.

tadaaaa! one tree hill season 5. my oh my. look how hot haley tuition-teacher became?

Lucas, Mr-I-am-always-confused-who-i-love-more.
Haley naley.
Nathan, lucky bastard who would still look at that dat fugly looking nanny.
Ms Brooke!! check out her boutique in the show. FABULOUS.

Peyton, i love her drawings but she's always a bit too emo. "People always leave"

Skillz! buahahwhhahaha.. "lets knock lindsey out and put peyton instead"
Mouth. i dont knw how girls can kiss him. really. and yet, he manage to hump his boss. but then again, his boss is one fugly shit.

ooooooohhh.. pweety dress!
who wouldnt want a moma like brooke.
jamie... jamie.. jamie..

one big happy family. sigh.

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