Monday, June 16, 2008


i hate it when....

... i'm about to sleep, everything else feels so comfortable, THEN, the nose starts itching, imaginary mosquito bites are felt on the legs, the shorts felt too tight, blanket felt too warm, then too cold without one, turning left and right. and then fell asleep uncomfortably.

... the day is too hot, and every clothes worn felt too "stiff", and then sticky, especially when running around outside during errands. even after taking a shower, come out, feeling sweaty again!

... pms strikes! everything hav to be clean, no dust, no hair, no ants! suddenly feeling like a mighty maid, cleaning the bed, the table, and so on. and the next hour, another speck of dust makes the mind go haywire!

... i thought i don't have enough of sleep, but instead, i've slept more than 12 hours. woke up feeling more grumpy than ever. fidgeting here and there. sour faced until something else makes the face smile.

... the nose is not behaving. having sinus is a torture. because it hav a mind on it's own. and when it just gotten worse, medication makes the temper flare!

... panties get stuck in the buttcrack! WARRGHH. i hate that the most! imagine wearing all suit up, working clothes, or some nice party dress, AND THEN, it stuck! silently adjust it, sits down, and the next time u stand up again, it gets STUCK again!

this is a totally random post. just felt like it.


rockaholic said...

hahaha... lawak laa... :)

Marianne said...

thong la! no more wedgies .. hahhaha

lynnz said...

rockaholic: lol. at least it made u laugh.

marianne: thong lagi teruk babe! stuck the whole time!!

Marianne said...

ya, but if comfy one, you won't feel a thing!