Sunday, June 01, 2008

Too Fast.

time pass too fast.

i wished it was saturday morning again. i needed that weekend getaway. and it happened. only, now it's bloody Sunday night again. i hate sunday nights. because that means Monday mornings is near and the weekend is coming to the end.

saturday morning started with the laziness to pack. to get ready and to head off. most of us were still online. deciding how to go, what time, plan change, what to pack, etc etc.. until 11.30a.m. one by one went offline to meet up.

my 1st drive with you to P.D. it was awesome. loved every second of it. laughter, merajuk-ness, annoying face, "springkle" of love, that asam laksa goreng, bossing one another around. i. love. it.

the time we reached there, was just in time to meet everyone. tea time! didnt realise how much i missed the bunch of us. thanks denise. tho it was a short trip, it was simple awesome. happy birthday again, i hope u drank the most of my gift, not the boys. *ish*

the boys were hilarious to watch. got the Hybrid stuck in the sand. *pushhh! pushhh!! no, turn the wheels (daniel)! argh! stuck again!! ok, u pull there (kesh), i pull here (chan), OI you! what the hell are you doing?! come here and help (tim)!* should hav let the small one drive (ME!), not screaming when there's ENUF space to cut thru. shower time, the rules for 'em (the boys) to share towel is *NO BALLS, NO ARMPITS, NO ASS* 3 parts not to wipe just coz it's simply disgusting. lol, it was damn funny.

went for the drag race. i love being around seeing u do your thing. tho im sorry, i let my temper took control instead of making the most of the night. it was NOT ruined tho i repeated told you that. it was close to perfection if it wasnt because of the fight. i wished i was sick instead. woke up and the rest of the day just wasnt enough because i didnt want it to end. the anniversary is coming up. and i can't bloody wait for it. to celebrate the joys, tears, anger and laughter being with u.

emo post. just coz my heart is emo-ing right now. i hate bluudy sunday nights.

-damn the heartache. come save me-

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