Wednesday, June 11, 2008

what's happening??!!


it's just not safe to go out at nights anymore. it doesnt matter if your a female or male. "goodbye social life"

fugging mat rempits now robs anytime of the day. worst, coz now they GANG rob.

and police are not doin anything to stop preventing this. the only times i see policemen at work, is when they are on the "operasi" to saman*.

* actually means duit kopi.

i read the link from kinkybluefairy. it's very recent, like last thursday. at LDP. yes, the road we take nearly everyday.

*please read*

so how now? wad do we do for own protection? wanna drive big car. they'll target u. but if drive small cars, it's easier for them to break in and whallap you.

i knw! *light bulb*

modify cars. install hard-to-break-windows. install turbo.

one more. install police siren too. just switch it on, the buggers would ran off hysterically.

i'm so pissed off. why rob? why??? no bluddy cow sense. earn ur own fugging money to survive. come and beg at asia cafe if not enough!



Falcon said...

It really gets the blood boiling...idiots!!

Yatz said...

people need to rob coz all the money used to pump petrol and rempit wtf..

lynnz said...

they left their common sense and civilisation behind when they're speeding off.

Marianne said...

read recently in malay mail about a bunch of rempits (around 10? 20?) who robbed a bunch of ladies who were pumping petrol at bangsar petrol station. the petrol attendants just watched, never help.

read in an email also, about an old man getting robbed in a gated communtiy in damansara.


Lena T said...

These bunch of crooks are not just endangering themselves but to other road users as well.