Thursday, July 24, 2008

what's wrong?


what is wrong with me?

see the mistakes i did, then you tell me.

1. i paid RM2.20 for a RM1.60 toll and zoomed off. so no, i didnt get the balance. i only realised when i step on the acelerator.

2. taking the NKVE, from Kota Damansara, supposedly heading back to Subang, instead, i pass by it, thinking it's the Damansara exit. Made a whole big turning back to Subang by taking the Seafield exit, paying RM2.70 instead of RM1.20, wasted RM10 worth of petrol.

3. stupidly tried the Red colour pump at Shell, the F1 racing super formula power pump, instead of the green one. and it's RM3.15 per liter while the green pump is RM2.70. luckily i pump only RM20.00 before realising it.

4. mum already said to deposit the cheque into EON bank, but i went and tried 1st at Maybank. cannot. then Public Bank, cannot also. called mum, only to kena fired frm her, telling me it's EON

5. taking the LDP to Tropicana, at 6.30p.m, got stuck in the jam, and get frustrated coz i should hav taken the NKVE.

6. driving through the Smart Tag lane, only to hold the smart tag the wrong way. It OBVIOUSLY didnt beep. But the toll gate went up, because it beeped next car's Smart Tag. I zoomed off, only to realise my mistake. and the poor guy got stuck behind the toll gate. Went to the next exit, towards the Tunai lane, to find, i was about to be fine RM45. for RM1.20 worth of toll. Managed to get them to be kind enough to me to let me off the hook.

7. almost drove through the Smart Tag lane again, but this time, with the ticket on my dashboard. Yep, that means i've already passed through the 1st toll gate to get ticket, and smartly decides to use the Smart Tag lane instead after that. Luckily my sister shouted, "CHE! where are you goin???!!!"

so, wat's the diagnose?

Monday, July 21, 2008

Take Two

i went to this hair saloon in usj few days back.

to get a new colour for my head. i'm so sick of looking at my dead dull looking hair.

and with my Olie, i get to show you some pics! yay!

it's called Take Two saloon. pretty decors.above, my sista. she swears to not go anywhere except Take Two.

i had my whole head coloured. so under the sunlight, i'mma brown haired girl. but indoors, i'mma hazelnut coated hair girl. end result! me - a very happy girl. and a very happy customer too!

i *heart* olie.

i've been soooo patient for a camera.

and now,
i finally finally have one! meet.... Olie!
mum decided that this would be a better use for me that the iTouch.

oh well, i can't be too greedy, can't i?

i almost.... almost... purchased a stupid camera. asked the sales guy for recommendation, for a GOOD snapshot camera. he showed me casio, (b4 that, i've text a friend for suggestion, casio tak boleh make it) sony, panasonic. so i thort.. hmmm.. sony looks interesting. cool, casual, but yet there's this uneasy feeling that it's not sony i want. (really, i'm not joking) you knw how when u want to purchase something and then when u hold it, try it, fiddle with it, yet ur still not happy like the way you shld? that's wad i felt.

so okay, it was RM1500, sony.

followed mum to the atm machine, then mum and sis wanted to pee. so i was like... c'mon.. hurry up. and guess wad we found? a camera shop with a MUCH BETTER salesman!

he asked "what camera are you looking for?"


he said "NOOOO... don't get sony! get olympus!"

then he showed us the features and etc etc... and it was freaking clear. i love it! i love it! i love it!

and it's only RM1100, plus Mr. Nelson throws in a tripod, a memory card that can be used in phones as well. etc etc. this to three ladies who doesnt know shit about cameras.

then goin home feeling all so satisfied. so now, the question is, should tell dad or no?

i knew dad will want to make it his own, for work purposes. and this means i can't take it out everywhere with me, taking candid shots. i wannnnn candid shots... *smiles*

so the next day, i had to send mum to the airport. i was bored in the car driving all alone. so yes, u've guessed it. i took out Olie and play snappy snappy!

i drove at 100km/per hour at 1st. (petrol aint cheap ok, drive slow...)
snap! still clear.. not bad.
ok, so go faster....
not easy going faster in a manual car with a camera on standby. i was already doing a zig zag on the road, other car drivers were curious.
change the mode. snap!
see? all clear shots. very happy with Olie.
so happy that i blurt out to dad when he got home the next day. he said "ok, gimme the camera, i'll get u the iTouch"
bleh. mana boleh. -__-
btw, the specs for Olympus. *click*

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

my say..

everytime i got home, i jst wanna relax. so much so that, i MUCH prefer to staying home, lying down on the couch just to watch TV than going out with friends. weekends becomes very important. and most of the time, i just wanna cuddle up with the love one and enjoy the weekend without having to go anywhere. the thought of walking around shopping malls, crowded with people just turns me off. gone are the days where i used to be so eager to get to the mall either watch movie, or do some shopping.

i see some people, going all out on weekends.. and i wondered, where the hell you hav that energy? i wish for more hours a day, extra on the weekends, just so that i get to do what i want. so i was saying earlier, holidays. didnt need to be expensive. didnt need to be far. just want a relaxing few days off, without having to think of work, no responsibilities, away from the city, no extravagant activities.

i'm tempted to complain or bitch about what ticks me off. mayb i will. mayb i wont. depends on my mood.

it seems that i may shifting out from this dump! HOORRAYYY! sure, i grew up here. stayed for near all my life. the place is shit. full of hooligans and illegal immigrants. the day i'm moving out, that's the day i'm gonna throw a party somewhere. i'm gonna love the process of decorating my room, mayb try to get parents to throw in a tv too. finally getting a room of my own instead of sharing with my sista. but i might miss her, so i'm gonna ask for the joint-rooms-thru-bathroom rooms. my mum is already planning to hav an open house party, we havnt even choose whr or which house to buy yet. heh. so....... anyway, if your not invited to my new place, don't bother asking. because you are NOT. if i hav not answering your calls, or talking to you on msn, or keeping in touch with you, i'm pretty much sure that rings an alarm bell in ur head. if it doesn't then, you r damn kayu.

someone said to me this before, it's not how long you've been friends, it's how deep ur friendship is. i never had a stand of my own, always following the crowd. basically i'm always following someone's ass, which makes me an ass out of myself, thinking "wow, that's cool" in everything we all did together. what i learnt is, the hard way, that friends like that, takes advantage of you. used you, then bitched behind your back. not letting you hav a word in about it.

just a reminder, to myself and others, beware of friends who appeared to be your friend, only to find out from Another friend they are talking bout you, always always follow ur gut instinct, no matter how convincing they appear to be. beware of friends who calls you, only to hav you drive to go "shopping" so they can get a free ride. petrol aint cheap these days.

anyho, i'm glad for everything that has happened. it is Worth every second of it. because i can hav better friends. the ones that i can actually depend on, anytime of the day. the ones who is there, when i'm complaining, when i'm sick, the ones who understands whenever i had to leave early, the ones who says yes, everytime i planned a chilling out + drinking sessions, the ones who remembers and actually are concern bout what's going on with me.

dont let me get started on church-goers people. all in all, i think they are the worst. they are so fake, that even petaling street stuff seems more genuine. but i realised something these people hav in common, when they bitched and made another person's life misearable, they tend to become super kepoh about that person's life. like what's goin on bout me now, what im doin, am i still the same person or hav i changed? if i hav changed, what changed? does anyone realised that? for instance, they'll(the ones u should stay away) go thru my friendster, to view person's profile (the ones they made life miserable). all because friendster used to hav this if-i-view-u, u-can-see-that-i've-viewed-you thing. why friendster? because this incident happened quite sometime ago.

so just beware lah k?

oh! time to go! tummy rumbling.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Child Abuse

i received this email quite sometimes ago...

it's very disturbing.. how could anyone.. anyone at all do this to a child, what more an infant.

it breaks my heart watching this video, if this happens to my kids (in future), the maid may jst get more than sending back to the agency.

parents should be aware of the signs and marks on their kids. on put CCTV. or best, jst don't get maids, mayb go to a private daycare centre, or relatives.

it just damn sad.