Saturday, July 12, 2008

Child Abuse

i received this email quite sometimes ago...

it's very disturbing.. how could anyone.. anyone at all do this to a child, what more an infant.

it breaks my heart watching this video, if this happens to my kids (in future), the maid may jst get more than sending back to the agency.

parents should be aware of the signs and marks on their kids. on put CCTV. or best, jst don't get maids, mayb go to a private daycare centre, or relatives.

it just damn sad.


John Ang said...

That's why indonesian are not suppose to be here... however, no human are safe...

cherry said...

some of these maids have been treated unfairly, hence they lash their anger on the babies.

i think for every ting that they do, there's always a cause for it. I dun think all maids are like that

lynnz said...

john ang: now that's not the only reason they shouldn't be here, they now rent dodgy places and made it a prostitution centre.

cherry: yes, i agree that not all maids are like that. some are really attached to the family they work for.

but i dont agree where they lash their anger on the babies. that's an infant my dear, not "payback" item.