Monday, July 21, 2008

i *heart* olie.

i've been soooo patient for a camera.

and now,
i finally finally have one! meet.... Olie!
mum decided that this would be a better use for me that the iTouch.

oh well, i can't be too greedy, can't i?

i almost.... almost... purchased a stupid camera. asked the sales guy for recommendation, for a GOOD snapshot camera. he showed me casio, (b4 that, i've text a friend for suggestion, casio tak boleh make it) sony, panasonic. so i thort.. hmmm.. sony looks interesting. cool, casual, but yet there's this uneasy feeling that it's not sony i want. (really, i'm not joking) you knw how when u want to purchase something and then when u hold it, try it, fiddle with it, yet ur still not happy like the way you shld? that's wad i felt.

so okay, it was RM1500, sony.

followed mum to the atm machine, then mum and sis wanted to pee. so i was like... c'mon.. hurry up. and guess wad we found? a camera shop with a MUCH BETTER salesman!

he asked "what camera are you looking for?"


he said "NOOOO... don't get sony! get olympus!"

then he showed us the features and etc etc... and it was freaking clear. i love it! i love it! i love it!

and it's only RM1100, plus Mr. Nelson throws in a tripod, a memory card that can be used in phones as well. etc etc. this to three ladies who doesnt know shit about cameras.

then goin home feeling all so satisfied. so now, the question is, should tell dad or no?

i knew dad will want to make it his own, for work purposes. and this means i can't take it out everywhere with me, taking candid shots. i wannnnn candid shots... *smiles*

so the next day, i had to send mum to the airport. i was bored in the car driving all alone. so yes, u've guessed it. i took out Olie and play snappy snappy!

i drove at 100km/per hour at 1st. (petrol aint cheap ok, drive slow...)
snap! still clear.. not bad.
ok, so go faster....
not easy going faster in a manual car with a camera on standby. i was already doing a zig zag on the road, other car drivers were curious.
change the mode. snap!
see? all clear shots. very happy with Olie.
so happy that i blurt out to dad when he got home the next day. he said "ok, gimme the camera, i'll get u the iTouch"
bleh. mana boleh. -__-
btw, the specs for Olympus. *click*


Anonymous said...

i named mine kenny..

i think u know who am i...LOL

Alex Yap said...

wah .. u dangerous driver ..

ppl drink and drive ..

you shoot and drive ..