Thursday, July 24, 2008

what's wrong?


what is wrong with me?

see the mistakes i did, then you tell me.

1. i paid RM2.20 for a RM1.60 toll and zoomed off. so no, i didnt get the balance. i only realised when i step on the acelerator.

2. taking the NKVE, from Kota Damansara, supposedly heading back to Subang, instead, i pass by it, thinking it's the Damansara exit. Made a whole big turning back to Subang by taking the Seafield exit, paying RM2.70 instead of RM1.20, wasted RM10 worth of petrol.

3. stupidly tried the Red colour pump at Shell, the F1 racing super formula power pump, instead of the green one. and it's RM3.15 per liter while the green pump is RM2.70. luckily i pump only RM20.00 before realising it.

4. mum already said to deposit the cheque into EON bank, but i went and tried 1st at Maybank. cannot. then Public Bank, cannot also. called mum, only to kena fired frm her, telling me it's EON

5. taking the LDP to Tropicana, at 6.30p.m, got stuck in the jam, and get frustrated coz i should hav taken the NKVE.

6. driving through the Smart Tag lane, only to hold the smart tag the wrong way. It OBVIOUSLY didnt beep. But the toll gate went up, because it beeped next car's Smart Tag. I zoomed off, only to realise my mistake. and the poor guy got stuck behind the toll gate. Went to the next exit, towards the Tunai lane, to find, i was about to be fine RM45. for RM1.20 worth of toll. Managed to get them to be kind enough to me to let me off the hook.

7. almost drove through the Smart Tag lane again, but this time, with the ticket on my dashboard. Yep, that means i've already passed through the 1st toll gate to get ticket, and smartly decides to use the Smart Tag lane instead after that. Luckily my sister shouted, "CHE! where are you goin???!!!"

so, wat's the diagnose?


Marianne said...

i think you're suffering from "marianne withdrawal syndrome" .. which means you need to hang out with marianne more often! :P said...

LyNNz : Itu selalunya perkara yang sering keluarga kami lalui.
1. Anak-anak selalu tayang smarttag terbalik.
2. Asyik sembang sampai terlajak.
3. 'clumsy' nak cepat, palang bukak, jer terus terjah. Kalau balance tinggal 20 sen ok lah. ini ada rm50 so kena tahan, (baki dikosongkan)pergi claim sebulan baru dapat (cheque pulak tu).
4. Eon bank memang tak famous so memang boleh keliru.