Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An Old Man's Joke

I received a forwarded email. The title goes like this, "Don't play, play with 'old men'..."


I was thinking, aiyoh. what hamsap email is this.

Lemme share it with you guys.


I took my dad to the mall the other day to buy some new shoes. We decided to grab a bite at the food court. I noticed he was watching a teenager sitting next to him.

The teenager had spiked hair in all different colours; green, red, orange, and blue. My dad kept staring at him.

The teenager would look and find dad staring every time.

When the teenager had enough, he sarcastically asked, 'What's the matter old man, never done anything wild in your life?'

Knowing my dad, I quickly swallowed my food so that I would not choke on his response; knowing he would have a good one.

And in classic style he did not bat an eye in his response, 'Got drunk once and had sex with a peacock. I was just wondering if you were my son.'

funny? i totally didnt see where it was going. so yeah, i thort it was hilarious.

tee hee.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh boy..

uh oh, i used to blog once a day, sometimes twice a day. now it's once a week.


anyway, WOAHHH! wat a damn busy week.

writting for emmagem ain't THAT simple as I first thought it would be. i bought more magazines, read more on fashion, studied more, paid more attention, to the finer details. okay, now that i've said it, doesn't seemed like much of a chore aint it? i just love what im doing now lah okay...
so last week, I went to the Chics Closet bazaar at outside WIP, at BSC.
(i lazy to watermark my pics ok. it's the photos i myself took anyway) :)
finally. i met Jolene. the girl i bought stickers from. talk talk talk, *click* jst like that. and her stickiesss... i want more more!

now, every weekend i'm rushing off to sumwhr, which explains why i'm always home on weekdays. i need my sleep! i really don't get how these party people can do it. They socialize in the night straight to early morning, yet, having classes/work the next morning!!

Tongue in Chic had a party launch on Wednesday. at KLCC @ the apartments. It was raining like f**k. The boy had to draw the map frm his office straight into KLCC carpark. I'm a bit lost with KL roads. hee....

so i left work early to get dress. went to the boy's office.

dress is from sevendays. that is the REASON i heart sevendays.

so, i arrived early, walk around KLCC, making sure i dont get lost later on. had a meeting at California Pizza Kitchen. since I dress macam stylo, drink oso much be stylo.

ordered my margarita! yummy! i love! sat there alone at first, waiting, looking out thru the view, rain pouring and damn nice lah the feeling.

later on, we ordered salad. yummy! almost as good as Tony Roma's salad.

the launch well, good i guess? joyce from kinkybluefairy invited to their launch. for that night, i dont recognize any of her team except her. she was the GIRL for that night. quite different from what i've been reading on her blog. i mean, i alwis assumed that she's a loud party animal kind of girl. buttttt.... she's actually quite ... hmmm, how do u call it? mellowed. in a nice way la of course.

So many ppl turned up! it's hard to catch joyce when everyone wants to talk to her. saw her, congratulate her, chittychatty, okay bye.

and MY GAWD, daphne iking is HOT. i could turn lesbian for her. met her, hie hie, bye bye.

and one random thing happened that night was, as i was talking to Joanna (dolls guardian for the night) or something like that, someone came up to me and ask "hey, excuse me, where did you get your necklace from? my friend n i noticed it and it's really pretty" me *flattered* "oh! okay, i got it from divas." the ladies "oh diva's! thanks!"


i dropped my one whole new pack of Malb that night. geez. damn smart.

ohhhh, of all places, i met Jody baby! Jeremy is a doll as well.

*me, Jody, Cynthia*

*me, Cynthia*

so many pretty people that night, but i'm feeling damn old, i got home nearly 1am. and my head was bursting like mad. fell on the bed, zzzzzzz....

oh, gotta go now. 5.30p.m d. :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

PMS - ing

it's just me, or it's a general thing?

a week before the time of the month, my mood will swing like ribut taufan. one moment here, the next moment there. anything. ANYTHING. can just make me snap. hurtful words comes lashing out. oh well, i guess, since it's a nature thing God gave us ladies, some ppl might as well get the truthful opinion when we lash out correct?

i don't knw bout you girls out there, but there's like a total difference in my attitude when i'm PMS-ing. i get irritated when things isn't properly done the way it should. driving fast yes that's normal for me, but honking people is what i hardly do. however during "those" days, u better wish my honk is spoiled.

oh! which reminds me, you knw how people generalized that as long as ur a lady driving, people will give you "way" on the road. sure, yes it's true most of the times. but do you know this old old makcik, si lai's, who's eyes are already close to becoming blind, loves to show this hand gestures? (oh i wasn't talking bout middle finger gesture, if they actually do that, i'll hit them with my tanker car.) what gets me is that, even when they are in the wrong lane, they honk or have this wild hand gestures pointing at you. bloody fugging bitches! so much so that, now i'm not the "nice" driver anymore. see any auntie driving, honk! when they double park and jammed up the whole place, honk! honk! honk!

(my honk is spoilt la, so i honk many times oso they cannot hear)

back to the point,

i even hate the fact that u need to change few hours once, just for hygienic purposes. EVEN worst when clothes got stained. like hellloooo lahh! why is it still happening?? (read : secondary days in school uniform and got stained) and the days where u know ur period is coming but u dont know when? so everyday before the actual day, u wear a pad, only at d end of the day, u find that no, it's not today. pads aren't cheap this days!

every morning, it's like my daily bread, i read blogs just to satisfy my kepoh-ness hunger. there this one particular blog, but EVERY SINGLE DAMN FUGGING THING is about "I". yes a blog should be about the person who writes it BUT. go get a dictionary please. not every sentences you begin have to start with the letter "I". but then, mayb that's you, coz ur one self loving possessed freak, thinking the whole world revolves around nothing but you.. y still reading her blog, u may ask, i've STOP coz it's too damn annoying.

oh shucks, i'm hungry AGAIN. =__=

damn pms-ing days.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What say you?

I watched the news yesterday, and the headlines showed almost-the-whole UiTM students doing the march to show their objection towards our Menteri Besar's proposal to allow non-Malays into the campus.
Above : The "heroes"

UiTM slams MB’s proposal

“UiTM was set up to provide the bumiputras a chance to improve themselves by attaining tertiary education,” he told a press conference at the university here yesterday.

“We (the students) are very disturbed by the statement and we have planned our strategy on what to do if the Mentri Besar does not apologise and retract the statement,” he said.

Students adamant on keeping status quo

They marched to the Selangor State Secretariat to hand over a memorandum of protest over Abdul Khalid's suggestion that UiTM reserve 10 per cent of places to non-Bumiputeras and foreigners.

They then marched 500 metres to Bangunan Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah, singing the university song UiTM di Hatiku' while carrying banners and placards with various declarations -- "Jangan Rampas Hak Kami" (Do not seize our rights), "Selamatkan UiTM"' (Save UiTM) and "UiTM di Hatiku"' (UiTM in our hearts).


Ibrahim said besides the 5,000, UiTM now had 119,000 more students nationwide and 350,000 alumni members who might be hurt or offended by Khalid's statement.

PM slams Khalid over call to open UiTM to non-Bumis

SERDANG: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has ticked off Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim for proposing that Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) be opened to non-Bumiputeras

"He has no power to do that. Matters related to (student) intakes is under the jurisdiction of higher educational institutions," he said after launching the Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism (Maha) Show 2008.

...who's promoting racism here?

...who wanna work for government now?

...what happens if Monash, Taylors or Inti don't allow Malays in? they'll be shut down the next day. they feel threaten? or just wanna be stuck in their comfort zone for the fear of competition?

Friday, August 08, 2008

more gossips Exposed!

gosh, at 1st the public only pays attention to political scandal.


1st it was the feud between xia xue and dawn yang. dawn wayang came up, and xia xue got a lawsuit sent to her door.

okay, that one i can understand, coz xia xue spoke her mind, a bit too harsh i reckon, but nevertheless wat she thought of dawn, who claims she's all original. blehh.. silicon face. *snicker snicker*

the latest feud.

wait!! do you think kenny sia is cute? (ok one of my friend does)

anyway, two girls Publicly declared their undying love for him. okay, one is his gf. Samantha Poh.
another is the deluded relationship wrecker, somewhat popular blogger too, Ice Queen Goddess.

kenny sia, instead of being in the hotseat, he is jst watching the feud without having to comment anything. in his blog, there's not a single mentioning bout his gf, no pic, no nothing!

apparently IQG is so in love with kenny, and one night they had a night of passion, that stupid girl blurted out on her blog, obviously the news spread like fire. the whole episode of this drama can be found here. *click* this shadowfox, is umm... rather loud, fierce and vulgar. he exposed that kenny DID infact slept with IQG.

.....from Pink Pau. (another popular blogger)

champion. =__= this drama is hotter than Dr Chua.

and it gets better. so IQG found out bout the exposey from shadowfox, only to put all the blame on PinkPau.

shadow fox said that if IQG wanna blame anyone, blame him instead. Read his reply to IQG - Read up Bitch, don't blame Pink Pau.

and now, Malaysia's very own Gossip Girl. happened to start because of Kenny Sia oso. =___=

so read on! read all! it's getting very much interesting by the minute.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

sorry, slow update!

been rather busy lately..

everytime i thought i hav something to update, but once i logged into the blogspot, pooofff! gone. forgotten.

so last weekend was the Bijou Bazaar event.

do you know how many ppl went for it? it was SUPER JAMMED PACKED. and i walked so farrrrrrrr.... the heat was crazy! i thought i was gonna cool down when entering the house, instead, my sweat continously dripping. ya super hot, super stuffy.

jess the makeupfeverforever owner, she is SUPER nice. SUPER friendly. i almost felt guilty for not buying anything frm her. i wanted to! the eye shadows are soo pwetty!

*ahem, i need to rant about something* -> (think commercial break)


DAMN IT. i accidentally erased my The Dark Knight post............................................................

why laaaaaaaaaaaa. why laaaaaaaaaaaaaa......... *wailing*


sigh. no mood ady. damn it. i search many places for those pics okay.. damnitdamnitdamnit!
so whr was i? oh okay. Bijou bazaar...
by the pool
1st floor.

i took more pics. but if u wanna view, view it on emmagem k?

i'm the new author for emmagem! yay! since i can't afford 'em (fashion), might as well work around 'em! can't wait for the new new projects! *semangat*

internet these days is bombarded with so many "interesting stuff". kenny sia is fought over by two girls. (yah, like can believe or not?) read here

ppl breaking up. underage kids gets to party more than the older ones. blehh.. my life hav enuf drama as it is already.

anyway... i met up with april at la bodega that morning (before bijou)

u knw, it wasn't that pricey! it was affordable leh. go try sauteed mushroom. *yumyum*

say hi to benson! why is that when boys reads newspaper, the whole world doesn't seem to exist?say hi to camwhores!
julie and the gang came to join us after that. now i knw why julie is so popular, she's confident and is actually really hot *green monster me*. u knw, april and i hav this conversation bout hot chics before. we like to look more at the hot chics rather than the boys. hhmmm.. strange.

and After that, i went to Ikea to meet the boy, to go couch shopping with his folks. yes, shopping with The Parents. eeekkks! ok, i'm jst exaggerating, it's not so bad after all.
the boy. ME! hiiiieeee!!
ohhh! before i forget, before april and i left bangsar, we were walking in bangsar village II for the clearance sale. i only bought diva's items. :( spent less than RM50 the whole day. not bad eh? i didnt manage to get anything at the bazaar as well, i was melting then.
so we walk frm the carpark to the mall, guess what we saw??
there's like 5 dogs in the CRV!!!! at 1st i thought it was just some soft toys, but when we go near, they started Barking! terperanjat saya!
eventho the windows are winded down, it was still freaking hot. poor doggies. see that they were so cutely dressed up? awwwww....