Friday, August 08, 2008

more gossips Exposed!

gosh, at 1st the public only pays attention to political scandal.


1st it was the feud between xia xue and dawn yang. dawn wayang came up, and xia xue got a lawsuit sent to her door.

okay, that one i can understand, coz xia xue spoke her mind, a bit too harsh i reckon, but nevertheless wat she thought of dawn, who claims she's all original. blehh.. silicon face. *snicker snicker*

the latest feud.

wait!! do you think kenny sia is cute? (ok one of my friend does)

anyway, two girls Publicly declared their undying love for him. okay, one is his gf. Samantha Poh.
another is the deluded relationship wrecker, somewhat popular blogger too, Ice Queen Goddess.

kenny sia, instead of being in the hotseat, he is jst watching the feud without having to comment anything. in his blog, there's not a single mentioning bout his gf, no pic, no nothing!

apparently IQG is so in love with kenny, and one night they had a night of passion, that stupid girl blurted out on her blog, obviously the news spread like fire. the whole episode of this drama can be found here. *click* this shadowfox, is umm... rather loud, fierce and vulgar. he exposed that kenny DID infact slept with IQG.

.....from Pink Pau. (another popular blogger)

champion. =__= this drama is hotter than Dr Chua.

and it gets better. so IQG found out bout the exposey from shadowfox, only to put all the blame on PinkPau.

shadow fox said that if IQG wanna blame anyone, blame him instead. Read his reply to IQG - Read up Bitch, don't blame Pink Pau.

and now, Malaysia's very own Gossip Girl. happened to start because of Kenny Sia oso. =___=

so read on! read all! it's getting very much interesting by the minute.


Anonymous said...

*grins* gettin pweety intwestin eh!


lynnz said...

anonymous: my point exactly. :)

Laksarian said...

Gossip Girl is down!

I repeat, Gossip Girl is down!