Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh boy..

uh oh, i used to blog once a day, sometimes twice a day. now it's once a week.


anyway, WOAHHH! wat a damn busy week.

writting for emmagem ain't THAT simple as I first thought it would be. i bought more magazines, read more on fashion, studied more, paid more attention, to the finer details. okay, now that i've said it, doesn't seemed like much of a chore aint it? i just love what im doing now lah okay...
so last week, I went to the Chics Closet bazaar at outside WIP, at BSC.
(i lazy to watermark my pics ok. it's the photos i myself took anyway) :)
finally. i met Jolene. the girl i bought stickers from. talk talk talk, *click* jst like that. and her stickiesss... i want more more!

now, every weekend i'm rushing off to sumwhr, which explains why i'm always home on weekdays. i need my sleep! i really don't get how these party people can do it. They socialize in the night straight to early morning, yet, having classes/work the next morning!!

Tongue in Chic had a party launch on Wednesday. at KLCC @ the apartments. It was raining like f**k. The boy had to draw the map frm his office straight into KLCC carpark. I'm a bit lost with KL roads. hee....

so i left work early to get dress. went to the boy's office.

dress is from sevendays. that is the REASON i heart sevendays.

so, i arrived early, walk around KLCC, making sure i dont get lost later on. had a meeting at California Pizza Kitchen. since I dress macam stylo, drink oso much be stylo.

ordered my margarita! yummy! i love! sat there alone at first, waiting, looking out thru the view, rain pouring and damn nice lah the feeling.

later on, we ordered salad. yummy! almost as good as Tony Roma's salad.

the launch well, good i guess? joyce from kinkybluefairy invited to their launch. for that night, i dont recognize any of her team except her. she was the GIRL for that night. quite different from what i've been reading on her blog. i mean, i alwis assumed that she's a loud party animal kind of girl. buttttt.... she's actually quite ... hmmm, how do u call it? mellowed. in a nice way la of course.

So many ppl turned up! it's hard to catch joyce when everyone wants to talk to her. saw her, congratulate her, chittychatty, okay bye.

and MY GAWD, daphne iking is HOT. i could turn lesbian for her. met her, hie hie, bye bye.

and one random thing happened that night was, as i was talking to Joanna (dolls guardian for the night) or something like that, someone came up to me and ask "hey, excuse me, where did you get your necklace from? my friend n i noticed it and it's really pretty" me *flattered* "oh! okay, i got it from divas." the ladies "oh diva's! thanks!"


i dropped my one whole new pack of Malb that night. geez. damn smart.

ohhhh, of all places, i met Jody baby! Jeremy is a doll as well.

*me, Jody, Cynthia*

*me, Cynthia*

so many pretty people that night, but i'm feeling damn old, i got home nearly 1am. and my head was bursting like mad. fell on the bed, zzzzzzz....

oh, gotta go now. 5.30p.m d. :)


Marianne said...

love the dress babe!

now, when will you bring me to sevendays???

lynnz said...

haha. thanks!

very soon. im itching to go there already as well! they jst recently open up another new one above their own shop. Plus! the owner's bro is quite a cutie too! lol!

ccdev said...

hey there lynnz,

i was surfing around, checking out blogs. Click here n there, and somehow ended up here. towel headed woman caught my eye instantly.

Not a regular blog visitor but your site has a fresh, youthful zest about it. maybe I find joy in it cause I'm getting older, damn.... A lot of chick stuff but other interesting things as well (ovum donor???)plus some lite social-political stuff. Not really "heavy" stuff, so it's pretty nice for a no-brainer day :-) (not that your writing ain't intelligent, ok?). i find easy comfort in your honest rants and ramblings about life in general from a girl's point of view (pms stuff, owwww..) and enticing profile rep (swingy moods. difficult. big headed. flirt. OTT. loud.). You sound like a girls' girl,alright. and with just the right amount of cursing, not too much, just enough to give a little hint of your "rebellious" psyche. And of course, the photos too. OK, confession time - some guys would call you a hot chick; others, a babe. I guess you're lucky that pixels make you look good... the Ikea photo is a real "guy-catching" photo (too catchy, not fair at all). As for the one with you holding the camera, shapely fingers and a nice contrast of your hands between painted/non-painted fingernails. all "neatfully" packaged together in a cool, zestful, spirit of enthusiastic writing.

lynnz, here's to you hanging around for awhile, and i hope the mean ol' freaks and dark clouds of life will walk a separate path from yours. Keep the mojo going, Cheers!

lynnz said...


WOAH! that's one hell long of a comment. full of praises along with it! Thanks for the compliments and also for stopping by my blog. Your comment is gonna make me a little big headed here. Lolz.

I'll try to keep you entertained. :)