Friday, August 15, 2008

PMS - ing

it's just me, or it's a general thing?

a week before the time of the month, my mood will swing like ribut taufan. one moment here, the next moment there. anything. ANYTHING. can just make me snap. hurtful words comes lashing out. oh well, i guess, since it's a nature thing God gave us ladies, some ppl might as well get the truthful opinion when we lash out correct?

i don't knw bout you girls out there, but there's like a total difference in my attitude when i'm PMS-ing. i get irritated when things isn't properly done the way it should. driving fast yes that's normal for me, but honking people is what i hardly do. however during "those" days, u better wish my honk is spoiled.

oh! which reminds me, you knw how people generalized that as long as ur a lady driving, people will give you "way" on the road. sure, yes it's true most of the times. but do you know this old old makcik, si lai's, who's eyes are already close to becoming blind, loves to show this hand gestures? (oh i wasn't talking bout middle finger gesture, if they actually do that, i'll hit them with my tanker car.) what gets me is that, even when they are in the wrong lane, they honk or have this wild hand gestures pointing at you. bloody fugging bitches! so much so that, now i'm not the "nice" driver anymore. see any auntie driving, honk! when they double park and jammed up the whole place, honk! honk! honk!

(my honk is spoilt la, so i honk many times oso they cannot hear)

back to the point,

i even hate the fact that u need to change few hours once, just for hygienic purposes. EVEN worst when clothes got stained. like hellloooo lahh! why is it still happening?? (read : secondary days in school uniform and got stained) and the days where u know ur period is coming but u dont know when? so everyday before the actual day, u wear a pad, only at d end of the day, u find that no, it's not today. pads aren't cheap this days!

every morning, it's like my daily bread, i read blogs just to satisfy my kepoh-ness hunger. there this one particular blog, but EVERY SINGLE DAMN FUGGING THING is about "I". yes a blog should be about the person who writes it BUT. go get a dictionary please. not every sentences you begin have to start with the letter "I". but then, mayb that's you, coz ur one self loving possessed freak, thinking the whole world revolves around nothing but you.. y still reading her blog, u may ask, i've STOP coz it's too damn annoying.

oh shucks, i'm hungry AGAIN. =__=

damn pms-ing days.

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