Tuesday, August 05, 2008

sorry, slow update!

been rather busy lately..

everytime i thought i hav something to update, but once i logged into the blogspot, pooofff! gone. forgotten.

so last weekend was the Bijou Bazaar event.

do you know how many ppl went for it? it was SUPER JAMMED PACKED. and i walked so farrrrrrrr.... the heat was crazy! i thought i was gonna cool down when entering the house, instead, my sweat continously dripping. ya super hot, super stuffy.

jess the makeupfeverforever owner, she is SUPER nice. SUPER friendly. i almost felt guilty for not buying anything frm her. i wanted to! the eye shadows are soo pwetty!

*ahem, i need to rant about something* -> (think commercial break)


DAMN IT. i accidentally erased my The Dark Knight post............................................................

why laaaaaaaaaaaa. why laaaaaaaaaaaaaa......... *wailing*


sigh. no mood ady. damn it. i search many places for those pics okay.. damnitdamnitdamnit!
so whr was i? oh okay. Bijou bazaar...
by the pool
1st floor.

i took more pics. but if u wanna view, view it on emmagem k?

i'm the new author for emmagem! yay! since i can't afford 'em (fashion), might as well work around 'em! can't wait for the new new projects! *semangat*

internet these days is bombarded with so many "interesting stuff". kenny sia is fought over by two girls. (yah, like can believe or not?) read here http://bytemuncher.blogspot.com/2008/07/coconut-saga-lessons-learnt-and-summary.html

ppl breaking up. underage kids gets to party more than the older ones. blehh.. my life hav enuf drama as it is already.

anyway... i met up with april at la bodega that morning (before bijou)

u knw, it wasn't that pricey! it was affordable leh. go try sauteed mushroom. *yumyum*

say hi to benson! why is that when boys reads newspaper, the whole world doesn't seem to exist?say hi to camwhores!
julie and the gang came to join us after that. now i knw why julie is so popular, she's confident and is actually really hot *green monster me*. u knw, april and i hav this conversation bout hot chics before. we like to look more at the hot chics rather than the boys. hhmmm.. strange.

and After that, i went to Ikea to meet the boy, to go couch shopping with his folks. yes, shopping with The Parents. eeekkks! ok, i'm jst exaggerating, it's not so bad after all.
the boy. ME! hiiiieeee!!
ohhh! before i forget, before april and i left bangsar, we were walking in bangsar village II for the clearance sale. i only bought diva's items. :( spent less than RM50 the whole day. not bad eh? i didnt manage to get anything at the bazaar as well, i was melting then.
so we walk frm the carpark to the mall, guess what we saw??
there's like 5 dogs in the CRV!!!! at 1st i thought it was just some soft toys, but when we go near, they started Barking! terperanjat saya!
eventho the windows are winded down, it was still freaking hot. poor doggies. see that they were so cutely dressed up? awwwww....


#3 said...

blogosphere drama unfolded! http://bytemuncher.blogspot.com/2008/08/kenny-sia-sex-scandal-proven-yes-he.html

lynnz said...

#3: hahahaha i knw! i read it last nite. go see icequeengoddess.net now. she blamed pinkpau for the sex-scandal.

THEN u go view shadowfox's blog again, he replied to iqg's ranting.

Anonymous said...

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