Tuesday, September 09, 2008

BBQ with the MMEC

It was a last minute thing, on some friday in August, the new members of MMEC invited the old members (read: veteran-old farts) for some bbq gathering.

Er.... wah. It was just a couple of weeks ago... but it felt so long ago. I've no idea what to write about. Oh well. Let the pixies do the talking then.

The members. See the girl? The new Miss President. Sorry for the blur pic! Wrong camera mode.

See the guy on the left? Reminds me of Adrian, when there's food, he's alwis the first in line.

Kereta-kereta modified.

That's Tim flexing his umm.. muscle.

The boy & Benny boy.

Um.. Tim doing that flexing thing again... =_=

oooooo... look at the bbq pit. it's Handmade. Not bad. It actually works!

With Mai.
Without Mai.
Some speech ceremony.

Alyna, The boy, Benny boy.

Alyna & me.
Eddie, Benny boy & Chan
The boy

There. Done. Basically I went thr to finish up my ciggies ok. Tsk. Need to organize another gang gathering. It's been a while since all of us hang out altogether again... -_-

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Tisha said...

Sahryll!!You've never seen a Metro style DIY BBQ??!! *tsk*tsk*