Saturday, September 06, 2008

Cousins cuties!

My cousins, *takes me a second to remember their names* oh ya! Crystal and Celine, came up to KL for a short holiday trip.

They only came the day I was gonna go to Ipoh for a stress-relieved trip. Well, lucky me, I get to take long lunch break.

Mummy, sis and I took them jalan-jalan in Pyramid. They weren't even at least interested.

So cute right? That's Celine.

Anyway, yeah, all that mattered to them was, "I went shcweeming pool this morning." "I shcwem in the baby pool." "I like playing in the shcweeming pool.

No, I didn't edit their vocab or words. Their mum, my aunt, takes the effort to teach them to speak proper English.

When the kids first spoke when they were much younger, was I surprise. They go "Mum, Dad, I want to watch Barney!" Not the usual "I wan Barney!" or "Barney, Barney, on d tv!"

We ate at Dragon-I, and I took candid shots of her when she was admiring Sunway Lagoon view. *think shcweeming pool*
Wah, so intense.

Then she turned to me, asking "Che che, why is there big umbrella's and small umbrella's?"


Even the che che don't knw how to answer. So I said "Umm, because more ppl can stand under it." Damn lame answer. Then I tried to distract her with food.

This is Crystal. So young already wearing glasses. Only standard 2, *i think* and she's already attending some maths/bm/english tuition. omgness!

Me and the kids. sigh, brings back memories of 'bogey' tooth. Sometimes, I even dreamt of having all my tooth fall out. *horrors*

My sis + Celine. Crystal anti-social.

When i see them, i felt like having my very own.

... but, that was the 1st hour with them.

and after that, i thank god i'm still not a mother yet. so mean, but yet so true.


Marianne said...

go be godmother to grace's one lah. hahha. be a cool godma! spoil him like crazy. haha.

if not, if u have ur own, come out not cute how???? hahahha.

lynnz said...

ahem. grace might not want me to be close to her child. im not much of a goody goody wei. i'll be poluting the innocent only.

WOI. we talked bout this kan. that's why we gonna adopt right? HAHAH.