Thursday, September 25, 2008

Let's Dance!

This was quite sometime ago. 10/9/08.

oh? it was just two weeks ago, but it felt like a long time. *shrugs*

Some have been bugging me to upload the pics. I totally totally regretted not bringing my cammie that night. So all photos are from facebook and okay?

YC told me to be there sharp at 7p.m. And I only left from home at 6p.m. By the time I enter parking, it was 7.10p.m. I rushed like mad. And it was my first time in the Gardens. Yeah, m so outdated.. I was pretty lost went I came out of the lift. Called Karen "hey, I'm lost. I dunno where am I." She laughed and said "Just find Robinsons, take left, then take right, take the lift up to the ballroom."


But after that I forgot where I came out from. =_= Try finding ur car, when the shops are all closed PLUS when ur car have no alarm system. (yes, have to use keys only to open) Eerrie I tell you.

Anyway, by 7.30p.m. it was the buka puasa time. Lined up to get your food. My first thought was, how to dance after that? =_= Saw a couple of familiar faces, Cynthia, Josh, Julie, Cheesie etc etc. Some came dressed in jeans and heels looking like a million bux. That's where I swear to myself, NEVER GO UNPREPARED. Lesson Vainpot 101.

Prepared means, foundation, eyeshadow, lip balm, lip gloss, blusher, earrings, bla bla bla.

I felt so un-prepared that night. ISH.

I asked Julie "Why are you not clad in sport attire?" She said "*whisper* because I'm not gonna dance, I'm gonna go off early." oh.

Makan makan ady then, YC came to me, asking if I want to mingle n take photos with the celebrity. Went in to the VIP room with Cynthia and Janet. I didnt knw who Janet was, until someone told me, she sings for the MAA awards in Genting playing backup singer for Leona Lewis. Well, Janet is super friendly, I'd say!

Im gonna stop talking and post some pictures instead.

This was after the buka puasa. Only a few of us gets to meet the celebrities.

Stephanie Chai and Kinky Joyce.

And of course the famous Amber Chia.

Daphne Iking is super hot for a mum.

Sazzy Falak. Omg, she and Daphe Iking are like super LOUD. super playful. super friendly.

Stephanie again with Deborah Henry.

Jien and Henry.

I used to Love Jien okay. So can you imagine when I enter the room, talking with some friends, then look left, there Jien is. And he SMILED. *starstruck* of course, I was like an idiot grinning back.

Cynthia and I.

Shutup, I told you I was UNprepared.

Adidas boss, Darren.

To be honest, he is so sexy. shitz, sooner or later, I'm gonna hav hots for all this 'mature' men. lolz!

So after the get-to-know-the-celebs session, Jien and Henry kick start the event. After Darren gave his speech, the celebrities clad in Adidas attire, parade on the stage. It was rather an impromptu thing I guess, coz they were jst being Malaysians, screaming laughing, joking up on stage.

Amber Chia doing her thing.

Daphne Iking.
Deborah Henry.
Ninie Ahmad our yoga instructor for the night. She's the host, Henry's housemate. How lucky is she?
Stephanie with her imaginary tennis racket.

Then Dinah came out to sing a song. Woah, that girl can really pull a note! It totally brings up everyone's mood to dance!
ooohhh... She's my gym instructor in Celebrity Fitness (used to). Baby-G. After the dance when I approached her to say hi. She went "HEY! i remember you! You used to have longer hair!"
I basically knw her warm up style and so, *ahem* I shamelessly went right in front to the 2nd line to dance. Coz the 1st line before the stage are the celebrities.

But after a while, i pancit. So long never exercise ady. =_=

That's me behind Suki from One in a Million!

After the hiphop freestyle dance, it's time for YOGA.

I was telling Karen "if i fell asleep plz wake me up, coz the last time i went yoga with mum, i fell asleep dead on the mat" hahaha.

Ninie Ahmad doing her thing.

Before it started, Cynthia is super flexi. Me gossiping with Karen at the back.

Cheesie! She was sick so she didn't participate.

The yoga pose.

Group picture! Adidas gave us the yoga mat to bring home! YAY! I can use to... erm. lie down?
And after that night, my body freaking ached for a few days. arck!


simon said...

ah man, suki's blond hair is so not right, man...

Marianne said...

i saw the adidas crop stripy top (or something similiar) at the special adidas shop in pyramid .. the one that sells all the special edition adidas stuff... it was more than RM200 ... gila right

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