Saturday, September 06, 2008

Motorshow in Ipoh

So, I was saying in the post earlier, cousins came the day I had to leave to Ipoh.

I wasn't sure what was the trip all about, but I was damn sure it's gonna be the break I needed.
went on Friday, came back on Sunday.

I was all excited... until, I realised I had to be at the motorshow that runs from 12noon till 12a.m. blehhh... motorshow not my thing. fashion show YES. racing event I would not even have minded one bit. But have to lah. I was there already right?

so i was there with the team. Sorry! I didnt snap their cars. But I'm pretty sure for the ZTH's fans and readers, you guys will be quite familiar with the BMW M3 CSL and cool VW Golf GTI.

heck. yes, i learnt a thing or two about cars these days. given a year back, i'll be like "huh? BMW is BMW la. Golf? Whatchumean there's a Golf car? Isn't golf a Sport??!"


but please yah, i still know how to distinguish between those proton cars.

but ahem. The cars below, were the cars i photograph at the motorshow. Took only few shots bcoz it started to rain then.

Don't ask me to knw what is what, or which is which. I. have. no. bloody. idea.

Don't compare the pics I took with the pics the boy took for ZTH website okay. His camera was the SLR cammie. Mine is just my olympie.. Unless, someone is generous enuf to donate me one SLR. But then again, it's hard to camwhore with those huge bulky cammies. I'll stick to my olympie then...
oh! and on that particular weekend, my stupid right eye had a stye! *bengkak on my eyelid*
so i couldnt wear my contacts, and knowing how vain i am. i try to see without glasses, but by night time, i'm blind. so glasses it is.
all in all, it was a good trip. not much of rest. very low budget trip. more of stress-free trip. no worrying of work, naggings n etc etc.

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